Romantic cards, Spanish peanuts, and almonds / Are You Wild, Sophisticated, or Fun?

Discovered redrum this morning before I was responsible and paid my technically overdue Shaw bill. The usual suspect Mike has said that the bill would look better next month, so I gotta keep this relationship going for another six weeks! Then I went to the banks in the sunny weather. I also went to London Drugs to buy much-needed pads and invisible tape x6. (Staples seemingly didn’t have any invisible tape?!) I also bought a romantic birthday card which touched me [with coupon] plus store brand honey-roasted almonds to go with it (I hope this works!), a romantic anniversary card [with coupon] plus store brand Spanish peanuts to go with that (I hope we make it another nine days), and a red Vileda pail / bucket (which DOES fit under the sink!) for my extra bathroom stuff. I just managed to get the 407 bus home, and was inside by 2:40. Guess I needed that trip outside in more than one way, as I feel more peaceful. (but I was a bit anxious when near the Canada Line at first) At least these food presents won’t melt like chocolate would, and I can do something else with them in case things go haywire!

The upside-down anniversary card: “Thank You For Being Wonderful – Thank You For Being Mine. [front] For the places in me you’ve touched, the feelings you’ve cherished, the little joys you wouldn’t let me keep to myself… For the mistakes you’ve forgiven, the trust and honesty you’ve inspired, and all the days you’ve made me smile… I feel so very lucky to have your love. Happy Anniversary. [inside]”

The birthday card: “A promise of love for your birthday! I wish I could buy you a thousand beautiful gifts for your birthday – fancy things, luxuries, surprises to delight you – but I know the things that make life happy can’t be bought. [front] Like LOVE and the closeness two people share. TIME… days spent together when we’re happy no matter what we’re doing. KINDNESSES… the little things we do for one another. These things can’t be bought, and yet they’re the best gifts of all. And so, for your birthday, I’m giving you this promise as part of my gift – to love you even more and make you even happier, to make all our days together days to remember always. Happy Birthday! All My Love, Always. [inside]” [the “always” might be a bit over the top…]

You Are Fun

You love to be around your friends, and you have a blast doing almost anything with them.
You aren’t picky, and you’re happy to be a part of any outing. You can be content in a lot of different situations.

You don’t get bored easily, and when you do feel bored, you do your best to entertain yourself. There’s plenty in this world to keep you busy.
Others consider you to have a great personality, and you are quite lighthearted. You are extremely easy to get along with.

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