Supporting Dozi in rap battles, being done with IRC, accent colors, dragons eating sparkly vampires

While I was making some plans for July 25 (a Friday) to go to King George Station so I can meet Kathy and others en route to Seattle in the van so we can support Mike Y. in his DOZI rap battle representing Utah, the usual suspect messaged me to see whether I was awake at 11:30 PM. I said I was, and reminded him about the burned pot and stove element, which he’d forgotten about. I had just wanted him to go home earlier so he could get some stuff done, so that wasn’t a big deal. However, I would love it if I could cook dumplings or perogies on the stove! No, I wasn’t expecting him to come by last night, especially if he was already sleepy. He said he’d come by today, which is fine by me! For some reason, he said he wouldn’t mind going to Seattle. Not sure if that’s a good idea, but we’ll see.

Also, I’m so done with the Troll Chromosomes IRC channel. If you think that I’m a bitch for correcting your English AND you want me to drop it, think again. I can bitch about whatever I want. People don’t know correct English, so of course I’m going to help them whether I know shit about them or not. It’s not my fault that they’re unwilling to accept it, especially if English is their second language. Josie was not trying her best. She corrected a misspelling with another one!

Your Accent Is Red

You influence others by giving them strength. When people are at their lowest point, you can help them build things back up.
You supply courage and fearlessness. You encourage those around you to be bold and to follow their passions.

You are empowered and confident. You don’t let anything or anyone hold you back from what’s important.
You are very self-assured, and you never need to tear others down in order to feel good about yourself.

From Wesley: “Sorry, my dragon ate your sparkly vampire!” HAHAHA!


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