Negative test results, Loprox cream, buying melatonin for Mike, and new chips

Just as I got out of the shower at 3, I heard the phone ringing. As I thought, it was the usual suspect (who had apparently tried calling me before), so I explained the circumstances. We agreed to meet at Dr. Ruby’s office since his bus ticket had just expired… he might as well walk there himself! I just managed to get there on time, and he came in a couple of minutes later, blaming stoplights for his not getting there earlier. Hey, it happens that you can’t exactly walk against the traffic! Turns out that the exam results were negative, but why not just call to tell me that?! I was determined to get something out of the appointment, so consulted her about the skin flakes around my scars. Mike was as surprised as I was to hear that it could be the effects of that same infection which I’d had to get Canesten for. Auntie Ruby gave me some Loprox cream to try, so I’ll figure that out later. Mike asked whether men could get those infections, too. I did thank him for coming out, since I did appreciate it.

Afterwards, Mike and I held hands and walked to Superstore across the street since he wanted to see whether they had melatonin. He’d already checked out Costco, and they didn’t have it for some reason! They do always have the habanero-mango salsa that he told me about before, though. Uncle Lawrie had taken an hour to get out of customs and the gate at the airport from his China trip. They’d checked out Legacy Liquors, and found the Stoli jalapeno vodka to be about the same price in the States or Canada when you calculated the exchange rate and everything else. We found the Exact store brand melatonin after being disappointed with the price on the Jamison bottles.

Mike wanted to wait for a “no tax” day, but I thought that he might forget by then. Therefore since it was RIGHT THERE, I insisted on getting the bottle for him since it was only $5 with tax for a hundred 5 MG dissolving tablets. Yes, I told him that it was the same as my bottle at home, although he would prefer to swallow them instead. No, you don’t need water or other liquids for these, and it IS much cheaper than alcohol if it worked for him last night! He did thank me for it, which I acknowledged properly. We talked about the Hong Kong BBQ Master restaurant under the Superstore (we’ve both been there a LONG time ago), skinny sidewalks, cutting through the parking lot, Safeway, Air Miles, and chips before going our separate ways. I bought on-sale Double Dutch chips (calamari and tzatziki / buffalo wings with blue cheese) and hand sanitizer at London Drugs prior to going home. If he needed to go home to charge his phone and do some stuff, that was okay by me!


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