Rattle and chocolate thanks, Billie NOT “flaking,” no Marek, Rimuldar lateness

Harmony emailed me to say thanks for Hiero’s cute rattle and her Easter eggs, which she’s already finished. Then I emailed Nathan and Chinese Eric about a hockey hangout at my place. Nate got back to me, and said that Thursday sounds great for Game 4 of the Boston-Montreal series. Later, Billie posted on my timeline to say that she barely left herself any time to PACK for Japan (eep!), so she’d have to postpone meeting Michael. She gets back on the 18th, so at least her trip will be fun!

Speaking of Michael, he unfriended his future brother-in-law on Facebook shortly after I got that post from Billie. Probably a good thing, especially if it results in devious laughter from me! If we go to the States on Tuesday (he thought she could go with us), then that’s fine. Billie certainly isn’t a flake, since things happen! He also said that a rum milkshake with 151-proof rum was awesome. I also finished DRAGON WARRIOR III again!

At Rimuldar, the DRAGON WARRIOR III party goes into the House of Healing. A character says, ” ‘s late, isn’t she?” WTF?


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