24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY! SO INTENSE! / Email from Chinese Eric! / “Problems”

Watched the first two INTENSE episodes of 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY – Jack Bauer, James Heller, Chloe O’Brian, Audrey, terrorists, drones, and more! OH MY, HOW INTENSE! Chinese Eric actually replied to an email thread between us and Nathan (wow!), and says that Thursday should be good. I’ve heard the Boston-Montreal game starts at 4:30, so that should be PLENTY of hangout time for him to chill with his bro Nathan!

I added Carol A. on Facebook; nothing says that I have to add a racist Stuart, whom I’ve blocked anyway! I told the usual suspect that if he wants me up around 9 AM tomorrow, he had to come over and “be the personal alarm clock.” He’s still not over recent events, which is understandable. Then he complained about Chinese Eric being unreliable or unavailable or “lying.” If you have a problem, take it up with him! Of course, if Chinese Eric doesn’t actually know about certain things like “deadlines” because you never told him, then it’s not his fault! We talked about Vancouver and Coquitlam as well. I’ll give poor Eric a break. He definitely isn’t flaky if he lets people know about stuff. I understand!


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