Bra freedom, WORLD’S END, power supplies, SPACEBALLS, Chinese Eric hockey talk

Hey, boyfriend… bra freedom does NOT mean I’m flashing my breasts at you, man! The usual suspect and I discussed bra freedom, WORLD’S END and nuns, slang (he didn’t know what “FTFY” meant!), Grape Nuts cereal, eBay, steak, fries, pricing for power supplies, Roots Café for butter chicken poutine, his disliking my “nagging” tone, the laundry, Billie being able to do Friday or Tuesday (we decided on Tuesday at 6 at Metrotown near Superstore), and whereabouts. We also talked about doing the dishes, being tired, SPACEBALLS gifs, lovability, more poutine, food trucks, Chinese Eric not being dead or unreliable, and douchebags before I noticed that Chinese Eric had called me three and a half hours beforehand. So then I called him back despite Mike saying not to; luckily, he answered the phone!

We discussed the playoffs, “2-love” being TENNIS, three Game 7 situations last night (Philadelphia Flyers vs. New York Rangers / Minnesota Wild vs. Colorado Avalanche / Los Angeles Kings vs. San Jose Sharks), packages and texting Mike later, my seeing Nathan on Sunday, his wanting to hang out with Mike as well (maybe), hanging out with Nathan in the future (definitely), Pittsburgh, Columbus, Montreal vs. Boston today, and getting in touch with Nathan. At least that was a good conversation, even though we had to cut it short due to it being almost midnight! Since the usual suspect wanted to go home to shave and sleep in his own bed (totally understandable), I asked him to fix the Skype “Click to Call” thing. I’m not sure if he did that, but I do know that he played WORLD’S END and left the light on. Oh well.


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