Awkward embarrassing exams, Nissin noodles, ginger beer, strategy, perogies, and Fukuroku

On the way to the doctor’s appointment, Mike and I talked about his PC card, parking near Aji Taro / Superstore, speculum porn, his dad reminding him not to drive tomorrow because of alcohol, rum, the snooze alarm, not being able to sleep last night, and potatoes. At the doctor’s, I introduced him to Auntie Ruby, and then submitted to an exam. Afterwards, we went to Superstore and Big Crazy to talk about apologies for hanging up on him and yelling, Auntie Ruby asking questions a few different ways, yeast, Rate My MD saying Auntie Ruby is impersonal, shopping carts, Kopiko cappuccino candies, bottled water for $4, ginger beer, oysters, medicine, receptionists, awkward embarrassing things, examinations, and pasta.

We also discussed ice cream, frozen pizza, money, peanut butter cups, spaghetti sauce, prices, Cheemo perogies being on sale (potato and cheddar), lamb and onion dumplings, spicy noodles, Nissin noodles (XO sauce seafood and satay and shoyu / miso tonkatsu!), Reese’s Easter bunnies and eggs, buffalo wings chips, Kraft Dinner, Fukuroku (where I once went with Lauren), and on-sale pesto. When we got home, I found out that the pharmacy next door didn’t have the Canesten oral tablets. Talked about my guestbook, his Facebook feed, money, Montreal-Boston hockey, games, WORLD’S END strategy, London Drugs, words, riots, Krista’s vague posts, his friends, and receipts.


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