Taste differences, butter chicken poutine sounding gross, “off” stomach

Mike and I discussed coffee, spiral Kraft Dinner, old photos, baby oil, washing dishes and the microwave turning thing, hair, the Shaw Internet connection / router not working for a time, old photos, boobs, lemon tea, Creative, movies, eBay, selling, the green tea ice cream, almond milk vs. regular milk vs. coconut milk vs. soy milk, and taste differences. We also talked about self-control, bisexuals, BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, Gilbert, showers, shaving, armpit hair, suits, his mom bitching him out, his parking pass, going to see his dad today about a suit and papers out of obligation, not wanting to go to Tony’s wedding alone, looking for his sweater, and the States before he left yesterday afternoon to do some stuff. Later, he wanted to know if I wanted to come downtown for some butter chicken poutine; not if I had to leave the house at 9 PM (although I was taking a nap then), and especially not since my stomach felt “off” beforehand! Then he said it was too late anyway, and that he might not get some ginger ale and bananas as per my request because Superstore was about to close at 10. There ARE other stores, I told him. This apartment is a black hole for his sweater!

When he got home at 11:30 or so, I was sleeping again. He asked whether I was awake; well, with all the lights being off, WHAT DO YOU THINK? We watched some of JON STEWART together while talking about racism, then he remarked on how David Letterman had gotten old. Yup, that’s the case! Talked about my sleeping with all my clothes on (the air was COLD), that cold snap in February (like I remember what I did then?), fever / flu / being contagious, the States, his not being mad that I didn’t answer the phone, Netspeak (“Y U no answer phone?”), WORLD’S END, Cioppini’s being near the Yaletown Canada Line station (dinner’s at 7 on Friday), retail, and his dad giving him some leftover steak instead. Also discussed Erica, poop being discovered on Monday in his mom’s basement after Claire’s bridal shower on Friday (when the bathroom hasn’t been fixed in years and isn’t in an obvious location), Chinese Eric not answering emails (Nathan and I know his needing to rest from lupus well), switching from the bed to the couch, his concern that he or I might be sick without knowing it, and Kabosu being a rescue animal. No, he cannot dognap Varley, or turn any babies into a Shiba Inu!

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