Binder full of birthday cards, School Days Treasures, and actual sandals

Steph emailed in the morning to see whether I’d be home this afternoon, as Mom apparently had more random crap she wants me to have. When Steph got here from the townhouse, she said that it was nice to see me twice in one long weekend. I told her that since it was Tuesday, it wasn’t technically the long weekend anymore, so at least she corrected herself to “twice in one week”! I got a binder full of past birthday cards (keeping for future journal entries!), my blue School Day Treasures childhood milestones photo album (memories!), blankets, pillows, cushions (including one designed by Gordon in Hong Kong – I’ll keep it for now), four pairs of grey socks which I’ll keep for now, a light blue and white sweater with subtle flowers, a billion washcloths / handtowels / towels, a toothbrush holder which might come in handy around here now (I can get GUM or GOODY toothbrush covers at London Drugs later), and dishes which I have no room for.

Since POOP happened in the bathroom just now while the toothbrushes had no covers on them, I’ll have to buy another purple medium toothbrush and a green hard toothbrush from London Drugs later, anyway. *sigh* Also received three pairs of (waterproof) shoes which are way too big for me (throwing those out), a pair of sandals (good – my hotel slippers are almost worn through), an old SOAP ISLAND cup which I remember from childhood, verbena body lotion which is ALMOST ALL USED UP, more cold cream (it looks old – THROW OUT!), Johnson’s lavender baby oil gel, and LIFE peppermint mouthwash. I threw away the stuff which I’d have no room for, also. Hester returned a call to say that she could give me laundry tokens and mousetraps at around 6, so I guess that’s fine.


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