Silly ride ideas at 4 AM, nudity near a dollar store (dream), favorite Easter candy

For some reason, the usual suspect thought it would be a good idea (he termed it “silly”) to ask if Jon or Steph could give us a ride, at 4 AM when I was already asleep! I know Jon and Harmony can’t, since they have carseats in the back for Ayler and Hiero. If Steph says it’s at the last minute when I call her and Lisa, I’ll just blame Mike instead since it’ll actually be the truth! Luckily, with me shifting the blame onto him, she seemed pretty acquiescent to the idea… phew!

Never mind the dream I had where everyone was naked near a dollar store where I returned $21 worth of greeting cards. Mike’s mom Vivian came in to ask a group of us whether we thought his behavior was a bit “off” when it came to the family. The guys were standing in such a way that a certain body part was covered. Mike looked like Ron Swanson with the mustache, but he was out for a while doing something which I’d requested. He came back and saw his mom questioning everyone. “MOM! I didn’t think you’d look like THAT!”

You Are Creative

You are constantly inspired and enraptured with the world. You love variety, and you get bored easily.
You are happiest when you have a large amount of freedom. You need room to daydream, create, and explore.

You see so much possibility in life, and you like to dig right in. You love to make things and work with your hands.
For you, there is no failure. Even if you end up hating one of your creations, at least you learned something in the process.


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