Unexpected sales on reams of paper! / Pencil colors

I discovered a MAGICAL direct deposit to my chequing account on the 4th, which is cool because I needed to buy dish detergent and a ream of Staples printer paper since the last time I bought that was in June 2011 after going to Pho Cao Van! No, it couldn’t wait till next week! Of course I took my wheeled bag when I went out at 3:35, too! Got 1.5L of dish detergent x2 (lemon / green apple), on-sale pasta (three boxes for $5!), an on-sale family size pack of Cadbury mini-eggs, and two M&M egg packs for Harmony and Lisa at London Drugs. Then I went to Staples, where the blue multi-use reams of paper were unexpectedly on sale. Of course I bought two for $10, since the regular price on one was $7.19! It was a challenge for me to haul my wheeled bag around after that, but I went straight home anyway, finally getting in the door at 4:30. PHEW! I WON’T HAVE TO BUY PAPER FOR A LONG TIME! Of course, I don’t NEED 1000 sheets of paper (one ream being 500 sheets) all at once – not like I use it for printing things – but it’s always good to have a nice-quality paper for writing stuff on. 😀

You Are a Green Pencil

You are very down-to-earth and balanced. Little rattles you, and you are practiced in controlling your reactions.
You are both calm and proactive. You only do what needs to be done, and you make sure to act deliberately.

You have an endless curiosity and fascination with the world. You like to notice every detail around you.
You would make a great teacher, stay-at-home parent, or life coach. You can offer others perspective that they lack.


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