Matt Henry, Dorcas, Julie S. getting my Bye Polar candy, firmware, La Casa Gelato

Mikki’s friend Matt Henry added me to Facebook, and I notice that Dorcas is back on there as well. Julie S. got her Bye Polar candy / birthday card / assorted (butterfly / Canucks / letter) stickers, which is pretty good for my mailing it just last Thursday on the 3rd! I know this because she left a thank-you post on my wall. Of course she doesn’t mind that some of the sticker sheets were used, so YAY!

Bye Polar candies!

The usual suspect asked whether I was awake at 11:15 last night – he had called me, but at a bad time. So then I called him back, but got voicemail. He called a few minutes later, wondering if I’d tried to call him. Well, you’d said it was fine for me to call you back, so… yes? Haha. Mike said that the phone was being stupid, so he’d had to reboot it. He said something about firmware which I was way too zoned out and exhausted to understand; it’s just “computer stuff” to me. Then he mentioned that he still had his mom’s car, and had to move it out of the parkade. I was focused on that when he said that he had something for me, and it seemed like he was repeating himself. Sure, I guessed he could come over at around midnight… he did, with his charger (though not his umbrella) / calamari and tzatziki Gourmet chips / “unique” chocolate ice cream from La Casa Gelato / laptop / other stuff. I was too full from dinner and Timbits to eat anything, however!

We talked about FINAL FANTASY 9, dates of certain things like our birthdays and our anniversary, the Heartbleed vulnerability and his clients screwing up big-time on websites, Conan O’Brien’s “nipple thing,” MuchMusic, his shoes and bags, his friends, my Shaw channels being different than his, Jasmine unfriending everyone except for the person who originally said something about ID at that Meetup, dirty talk sounding weird after a while (but his penis IS a joystick with white stuff!), Krista, his only testing the waters last Friday (he’d really want me to pack up my stuff and leave if he were really angry – I just HOPE that’s true), my making him happy (but he can’t explain it?!), and love. Mike and I also talked about passwords, the Doge meme, Pastor Dan and the “unholy” lifestyle, PTSD, that South African “black Jesus” movie, TRUE DETECTIVE and “making flowers,” my being too literal, FINAL FANTASY TRILOGY on Newgrounds, “man in black,” Shadow, hacking or translating a game, the weather forecast, and a weird dream with the whole world in collapse. He was really sleepy this morning, so I let him rest in the bed when I got up to do other things.


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