Blue screens of death! / States? / Grammar pictures / Jesus was a lich!

I had to do my laundry with the new Apple Mango Tango detergent since I was running out of underwear! Got a blue screen of death for the first time since October 12! Then again, the computer was running pretty slowly for the previous hour, so maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised.

The Canucks lost 3-2 in overtime (which only lasted 55 seconds) tonight, and the usual suspect asked if I wanted to go to the States with him tomorrow afternoon. Sure, if he wasn’t being serious about inviting Chinese Eric along! He said he was being sarcastic – okay, then… Speaking of Chinese Eric, he emailed me about the next Canucks game hangout on Saturday when we play Anaheim at 7. Good thing I know what he means by “you wanna do hang,” hahaha. Sounds like a plan to me!

From Julie: Running a feisty heist on a weird beige foreign neighbor!

From Julie: What if women had apostrophes instead of periods?

Here’s a picture which Mikki tagged me in: ten words and phrases which most folks say incorrectly!

I’m placing this here to specifically destroy your entire day!

This Easter, remember that Jesus was not a zombie. He was not mindless, nor did he consume anyone. Nor was he a ghoul or a wight. Although his soul and intellect were intact, he was not a rotting corpse. He was not a vampire. While he transubstantiated wine into blood, He never drank it from a person. Jesus was not a ghost or a wraith. He was corporeal and still had his wounds. It is clear. Jesus was a lich. A lich is created when a powerful magician or king striving for eternal life uses spells or rituals to bind his soul to his animated corpse and thereby achieves immortality. Liches are depicted as being clearly cadaverous, their bodies still bearing the wounds they received before their death. Liches often have the power of necromancy, which allows them to bring the dead back to life.


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