Reconnecting with Palmer at Metrotown, and realizations of missing Mike

Palmer and I made plans on Reddit PM / AIM to meet up today at Metrotown so we could catch up. It’s attention of a sort, and I needed to get out of the house anyway. We talked about Jasmine, her irrational upset, the usual suspect trolling her, and being lazy before going out in the first place. At least I was warned about his red scooter, haha. By the time I got to Metrotown, I was technically late, but it was fine. We went to the food court and talked about his girlfriend Stephanie, abuse, the past, his roommates Rebecca and Minh, asexuality, his old-school RPG tabletop board gaming, personal things, Tim Horton’s, Quizno’s, Curry Express, his interesting friend Corey (Pokemon), his “friend” Lindsay from England (yet they shared a bed?!), poly stuff (not for me!), my being “cute,” no judgment, and discretion.

He and I also discussed old times, enjoyment, his wishing I didn’t have a boyfriend (WHAT THE FUCK – I just miss Mike more now!), the TOO_MUCH_INFO spaghetti girl, Jasmine, Jazmin, his extensive beard and mustache which is STAYING, turn-offs, Bathroom Readers, my confidence, downsizing, Chapters, Teavana, Alli / Jami / Neko, an old girlfriend dying suddenly, Facebook, strokes, Korey, and LJ. After quite a while, I just wanted time to myself. He said I seemed tired, and we should call it a day – THANK YOU! I rejected a hug from him since that would be awkward; instead, I turned on my heels and went straight to Superstore so I could get some alone time in. I ended up buying two large mild salsa jars (no chunky?), one eight-pack of chocolate Lucky Sticks (like Pocky – but cheaper), a Bulgur and Quinoa blend, Creamy Bacon Carbonara, and Creamy Vegetable Primavera x3. At least the Sidekicks were on sale for about a dollar each, with a limit of four! By the time I got home, it was 7:30 and slightly rainy. Mike said that he didn’t see my messages till now; you seem to forget (until it’s convenient) that Facebook registers when you’ve seen messages, but I didn’t want to argue. I told him almost everything; some stuff is best saved for in person.

Creamy Vegetable Primavera Sidekicks!


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