James Galvan, trolls, James V. being annoying, Halie, Holly, Mike, and book festivals

James Galvan unfriended me from his troll account, which is fine by me. Any variation of “Heywood You Blow Me” is immature. Someone named James V. decided to add me on Facebook from the Facebook Help group, then got annoying by LIKING every single picture in an album, and sending me messages about hockey / baseball / wrestling / football. Also discovered that Halie S. Comet unfriended me, but that’s totally fine since the blood games were from October 2008! The usual suspect said he missed me, which is fine because I feel the same. Last week just wasn’t a good time for either of us; too tired! Venting to Holly was a good thing, though!

You Should Attend a Book Festival

You are quite the introvert… in fact, probably too introverted for most festivals. You love solitude.
You spend a lot of time with the written word – both reading and writing. And you appreciate books of all sorts.

You have a great imagination and an unparalleled ability to dream. Anything is possible in your mind.
You may not be the most adventurous person you know, but you are very curious about the world.

A BOOK FESTIVAL WOULD BE AWESOME! I’d like to attend a major music festival, but I know that would probably be too draining. *sigh*


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