McDonalds fries, overprotection, 4-3 shootout WIN against Luongo, PAWN STARS, vague clarity

Eric Ho called at 12:45 to say he’d be even later than he thought since he was still at the hospital with his grandma. I can certainly understand that; good thing I’d eaten some dumplings already! He came over about an hour later with McDonalds fries, Mcnuggets, Coke, a hamburger, and iced tea… plus Mike’s three packages, of course. One of them was a rather well-protected computer item in an opened box (as per US border) which apparently needed an entire (small) box plus a bunch of paper to protect it. Of the two envelopes, one of them was the same size as this equipment! Crazy!

I told him that he could keep the money for the bottled water for now, since he hadn’t had too much time to get it. The Canucks won 4-3 in a shootout (Eddie Lack vs. Roberto Luongo); at least we were home for this one, instead of having to leave between overtime and the shootout UNLIKE Wednesday! Eric and I discussed the Montreal Canadiens being the first team in NHL history to win a game after trailing by three goals in the last five minutes, the playoff race NOT being a time for experimental coaching, goalie masks, the standings, “reality TV” like PAWN STARS on the “History Channel,” MY STRANGE ADDICTION, JERSEY SHORE / The Situation, EXTREME COUPONING, and future hangouts. I didn’t mind if he just wanted to stay and watch a couple episodes of PAWN STARS after the highlights on Sportsnet! Of course I told Mike about his stuff currently sitting in my living room, but in a “me” way! “If you have three packages to pick up from Hagen’s, I suggest you cancel your trip” should be just vague enough to be clear! 😉


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