Pi Day! / Green curry, Talia, 4-3 loss, pie test

HAPPY PI DAY! (“Steak and Blowjob Day” is not my thing, as it’s immature… steak, yes; blowjobs, NO!)

I went to London Drugs for two cans of on-sale green curry, two cans of on-sale diced tomatoes (to try while making pasta), and a box of digestive biscuits. Got home and added Talia (det_munch / russell_nash) to Facebook. The Washington game featured Mathias and Jensen (with his first NHL goal), but the Capitals ultimately won 4-3. *sigh*

You Are Loyal

You are hospitable and warm-hearted. You are driven to care about and take care of people.
You love both security and comfort. You don’t mind a lot of predictability and routine in your life.

You are committed to living a good life. You try to create a stable and nurturing environment for yourself.
You don’t mind doing some hard work every day, but you also make sure to get your rest and relaxation.

Yum, chicken pot pies!


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