3-1 Boston loss / Jenn Wiest Carter is the psycho! / Killing full conversations

Vicky says that Jason is coming tomorrow for small group – great. Good thing I shared my Christmas drama LAST time! Today’s game against the Bruins ended in another loss… 3-1?! At least Diaz scored in his first game for the Canucks, although he’ll be right back in Montreal for our next game on Thursday afternoon!

One of Angela S.’s friends (Jenn Wiest Carter) called me a psycho and then blocked me because I typed in ALL CAPS when shooting down her suggestion that the Canucks make a trade for BRAD MARCHAND, of all people! WHY WOULD ANY CANUCKS FAN SUGGEST THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE?! Remember 2011, and WASH OUT YOUR MOUTH WITH SOAP, BITCH! (now I look like John Powell here)

This is what she said to me:

“I am SOOOO happy that Weise is gone- however I would have loved to have traded Weise for a Canadian player. As much as I HATE the Bruins, I would love to see Brad Marchand on the Canucks.”

“I beg your pardon! Choose your words carefully”

“Oh and for the record- I am not deaf, so no need to yell.”

“What the fuck is your problem??”

“I am blocking you. Fucking psycho”

You Are a Big University

You are the type of person who is fascinated by everything. You have many talents and pursuits.
You would thrive at the biggest university possible. You need to have the option of a triple major or unusual club to join!

You defy categories and tend to have many conflicting interests. You can’t be put in a single box or label.
You need room and resources to re-invent yourself as much as necessary. You are ready to be a big fish in a big pond.

Sometimes, people want to have full conversations early in the morning, and it’s okay to kill those people.


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