Chinese New Year! / Bad moods impacting trips, Lotus Pho, and Super Bowl snacks


GUUNG HEY FAT CHOY! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2014! It’s the year of the Wooden Horse!

It’s the Year of the Wooden Horse, or 4712 in the Chinese calendar!

The usual suspect called me yesterday afternoon, so I immediately greeted him with “If you really think that I would dress up as a whore for the border security agents, then we have a serious problem here!” He said that he thought I’d remember our talking about that video about the girl who showed herself off on the Skytrain; MY MEMORY ISN’T PERFECT, OKAY?! I have memory failures JUST LIKE YOU! Then he said that Chinese Eric had texted him to say that he’d be running late; DO WE HAVE TO BRING HIM ALONG?! I just saw him the night before, for goodness sakes! But then I went into “protective mode” when Mike suggested that it was his own pet peeve: THINGS HAPPEN, SO JUST KILL TIME! Besides, you were the one who didn’t tell me about going to the States LAST TIME YOU WERE THERE, when some guy ran out of gas in the border lineup!

I know how Mike is, but sometimes you just have to roll with it! Personally, I don’t care as long as the person lets me know, WHICH HE DID. We talked about anger / being annoyed, sleeping, the Evergreen Line (ask Geoffrey!), Steph, Pastor John suggesting the Unitarian church to her, Uncle Hansel and Auntie Cathy likely praying for her soul if they knew (VERY conservative Christians here), HARRY VAGG, the noise of the bus making him unable to hear some of what I said (I do understand that), video comments, Langley / UBC / Arbutus, wasting money on a two-zone bus ticket now, and his possibly picking me up first. JUST CALL ME WHEN YOU FIGURE IT OUT! I did not actually wear anything special (up to and including the rice necklace which he got for me); not because he doesn’t “deserve” it, but I don’t feel like it. Too bad for him, I guess. He HAD to bring Chinese Eric into things! As long as everyone was running late, that gave me extra time to do stuff; that’s an alternate way of looking at the situation, although I might not say that Mike SHOULD immediately adopt this viewpoint!

I was not impressed when Eric Ho called to say that they were ten minutes away, especially since Mike said that he would call me himself. He got a rather angry reception, although I intellectually knew that Mike was probably driving at the time. Poor Mike got some of my wrath, but he asked whether something was wrong, or whether it was something he / my family did. Try “something you didn’t do,” although he was more interested in the “what” than the “who.” I told him that I’d tell him later, and was even snappy at Eric when he said something about my being in the front, after he offered to change seats for me. At least I wasn’t relegated to the backseat! We talked about Bruno Mars, Nathan being in town, Ciel and her modelling shoots, the Atlanta Thrashers, Winnipeg Jets fan support, hockey, rush-hour traffic, Eric running late, alien anal probes, 550 AM (a holy Christian station with the mustard seed parable), 99.3 the Fox in Bellingham, broadcasting, hanging out at my place on Sunday (better than restaurants!), and Fred Meyer / Costco / filling up gas / WinCo Foods not taking credit cards. When we crossed the border into the States, Eric held us up by saying that he was from South Vancouver; JUST SAY “VANCOUVER” NEXT TIME! I was VERY annoyed by that, even though Mike says that he was only in secondary once, and that was when he was with Marek.

Also discussed Eric’s pronunciation of “album” as “alvem,” Hong Kong, cheese, milk, paper bags, vanilla ice cream, butter, headaches and neck pain compared to lupus, chicken wings, party packs, Juanita’s chips, Haggens, packages, pens with blue ink (don’t ask me for one if there are some in the front of the car!), DVDs / receipts, cocktails, Leninade, and vodka. Conversed about Arizona green tea / sweet tea / Orangeade, Shasta, Jarritos, ginseng, Wisconsin cheese, rum, apple pie, cherry pie, cherry Coke, Sam Adams Double Agent, his uncle, spicy wings, Kernels, online dating, and Mike’s business. It was pretty dark and rainy by the time we reached Costco, and I was getting hungry and cranky. Eric didn’t help since he had a hot dog! By the time we got to Mike’s, I had to go to the bathroom! I had thought that Mike would drop Eric off first, but NOPE. Since I couldn’t let an opportunity go to spend more alone time with Mike, I said I’d go with him to his mom’s after we finally dropped Eric off. He didn’t mind, and said that he was sure about it. Finally, a clear answer! I insisted on being allowed a pit stop at my place after they unloaded the car at Mike’s, so took some Pocky (which Eric later thought was a Snickers bar) for emergency snack purposes.

By the time we FINALLY dropped Eric off, it was past 10. We looked around for Pho restaurants which were actually open (not Pho Thai Son), then he Googled it on his phone. Then we went to the Lotus: The Place For Pho Lovers, which was open till midnight – past No. 5 Road! He didn’t want me to put hot sauce in with the broth and its delicate flavors, but I always do that! We talked about spring rolls, tripe, brisket, bean sprouts, that homemade Pho night, a “MATCHA” license plate, economies of scale, my thanks for dinner, and having to decide NOW whether I wanted him to drive me home or what. Turns out we went to Vivian’s to drop off the car plus some food, but he spent a few minutes extra inside, which made us miss one B-Line. Mike told me that Eric didn’t seem to understand how his lateness behavior (or “stunt”) affected others; “for future reference, rush hour starts at 2:30 or 3 EVERYWHERE” is what he told Eric to try to impress that upon him. Eric can’t really control his parents being out till whenever, of course!

We finally got a bus home, then the Canada Line, then the 401. Once home with 151-proof Lamb’s Navy Rum, I finally got a good chance to talk to Mike about stuff. He thinks that I believe going to the States is a hassle because I got cranky at the end of trips?! It’s called GETTING HUNGRY / TIRED AND CRANKY AS A RESULT! I told him that I’d APPRECIATE being told about his Stateside trips, even if he thought it was a business trip and not one made for pleasure. I want the freedom to make my own choices! We’ll see if he remembers that in future! Mike and I tried the rum with cherry Coke – 75% alcohol?! Watched a bit of FRESH PRINCE before going to bed; honest communication is good!

I enjoyed things this morning, although the usual issue came up. Later, he called Shaw about the digital box, and got things fixed there; he was surprised that the analog channels had still worked here! Got him to sign the baby card for Jon and Harmony, had him open the salsa container, and discussed time paradoxes / TIMEWARP STORIES / BACK TO THE FUTURE / his rancid deep-fryer with old oil / his cooking here before the game (I don’t mind) while sitting together on the couch. I gave him my spare keys before he left; hopefully, I won’t have to deal with too many annoying phone calls on Sunday! Mike told me that ERIC was the one who wanted to organize this road trip for some time; I can understand people running late, but I can also empathize with Mike’s perspective. Maybe next time, Mike won’t bring Eric along; he’s said as much if Eric does it again, affecting him. I even swore at the border wait, even though it wasn’t too long – I HAD TO GO OR EAT, DAMMIT!

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