Hare Krishnas, “Next Bus” feature, midnight kisses, website LIES!


Told the usual suspect not to leave me stranded at Robson Square, of course. I wished Chris W., Josh, John P., John S., Julie S., Barb, Mike B., Scott M., the Canucks fan chat room, and JBook a Happy New Year. Mike called from downtown to figure out our plans – I don’t know, but I did introduce him to the Translink “Next Bus” feature, which he apparently didn’t know about! Then I called my brother to wish him a Happy New Year, etc. My sister wasn’t helpful, but I expected that, although she’s now invited us to some dinner with the family tonight at Ningtu. NO, THANK YOU! Won’t be happening due to various reasons, especially now that the parents are involved! Not in the mood to pretend things are all right; even IF things had gone as originally planned, I still wouldn’t have left Lynn’s and Piper the cat!

Turns out that I met the usual suspect at Yaletown-Roundhouse Station. I was there at 10:30, and he could have been there at 10:15 had he not missed a bus and had to wait half an hour. I know I’m terrible at not answering my phone, but he knows it. He wanted to go to a place called the American Cheesesteak Company to try some frozen custard “ice cream,” which was fine by me. Yes, I was a little grumpy at being dragged out under the guise of “fun,” but it would be bearable since we were spending time together, even if HE was the one who wanted to go out and experience things. We then walked to Robson Square, holding hands all the way, taking in the sights along Granville Street. It was obviously pretty crowded! We discussed Hare Krishnas and their “recruitment” methods, saxophones, people NOT dressed for the cold weather, clubs, car headlights needing a bra, hazards, crossing the road, focus, his not seeing a curb which I did see despite my “declining” night vision, Mandarin / Japanese girls, differences between just looking appreciatively and being a lecherous creep, lesbians, pastrami cheesesteak, psychos, the police presence, stairs / ramps, my bag of stuff, knowing each other too well sometimes, talking to random people (he’s never seen me do that), balloons, and offensive (“sandwich”) jokes.

By the time Mike and I reached Robson / Granville (since Robson Square didn’t have a countdown), the crowd was so thick that we eventually decided not to go any further. Other people around us said the same thing, so we stood around until midnight and the improvised “Times Square countdown,” getting in a midnight New Year’s kiss. Then we walked back to the American Cheesesteak Company, trying a pastrami cheesesteak this time before buying a couple ice cream flavors. He definitely likes salt and vinegar on his fries, that’s for sure! Next year, maybe we should compromise and stay home… especially since he discovered at the King Edward Canada Line station that the Translink website lied to him about the buses being available till 4 AM. He says he’ll write a complaint, but I’m not sure that’ll go anywhere.

We eventually decided to go to Richmond since there was no other alternative because we were essentially stranded. He wondered whether it would be worth it to move stuff off his bed from his apartment, but I said that as long as I would be going home early in the morning, we might as well go over to mine IF he didn’t mind. Mike said that would be fine, although I did say that all he had to do was wait for the 407 to come at past 2 AM if that was better. He was a good sport and went with me to my place, discussing FINAL FANTASY 4 and FINAL FANTASY MYSTIC QUEST and Crystals. Once there, we talked about Bacardi rum / the orange chocolate chunk ice cream (yes, like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange!) / Weezer songs and lyrics / BUDDY HOLLY / THE SWEATER SONG / wheat / brandy beans / doctors / health concerns / concern in general / personal things wrecking marriages or relationships / trouble sleeping / blankets / the pillow / affection / needing a bigger bed. Turns out we slept in until 2:30, which was helped by his sleeping on the couch and by my taking melatonin at 6:30 AM. That was definitely NOT good for him, as he’d needed to be downtown sometime in the morning! He was out of here within ten minutes (of COURSE he got a kiss – even if slightly delayed), although I insisted that he eat at least a couple of cookies before leaving. Thank goodness that I’ve now made my excuses to my sister, because now I can catch up in glorious ALONE TIME!


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