Horribly rude awfulness, turkey dinner, happiness, and surprise jar openers!


When Mike came home at 9-ish last night, I was in bed being emotional. He wondered if I’d been that way all night; nope, just when I stopped to think about things. We talked a bunch about the family situation and drama before deciding to get things over with tonight, so we went to my place after going through some wine and food here. (also discovered the start of redrum) I did find the townhouse key (NOT back at Lynn’s – I scared him by saying so!), a dark towel, and a bunch of Christmas cards in my mail from Kelli (neonrose5), Nikki (devilchick6769), Maddy (unicyclechick), Kat (harmonybear), and Karla. I also got a Christmas card for Vivian, plus “stolen” canned goods. Since my dad hung up on me after I said we’d come over soon, Mike said that was horrible and rude and awful and un-Christian. (definitely agreed!) I told him to just drop the stuff off at the door, especially if there were no lights on; I thanked him for doing that “cowardly” drop-off, and he acknowledged it. Once we got back to Lynn’s, I had to take care of some stuff before joining him to watch BAD SANTA (“fuck me, Santa – fuck me, Santa!”) and drink rum and Coke. We went to bed at 4 AM, then discussed personal stuff, his Christmas Eve in 2002 being the weirdest one ever (The girl he’d lost his virginity to? She’d yelled and screamed and broke up with him!), and psychological warfare for an hour or so before sleeping. Sure, let’s not go to the dinner as a “FUCK YOU”! Of course, I re-blocked my mother on FB. Cousin Yvonne had also sent us a “Merry Christmas / Happy New Year” email, so YAY!

The alarm at 9:30 AM came early, so Mike hit the snooze button twice; I had to take care of some stuff after that, so got up before he did. I checked my email, got my wig, and helped with some things before Mike said he had something for me. At least the Christmas card – of course – had a dog on it, even though the “very nice girl” was a bit odd. I seem to still make him happy, and he got me a STARFRIT JAR OPENER FROM CANADIAN TIRE! Wow! At Vivian’s, we saw Richard / Uncle Laurie / Aunt Zoe / Claire / Marek / Erica / Sarah. Talked about the broken coffee table, Krista having Christmas dinner at DENNY’S of all places, ham, stollen, turkey, stuffing, crackers, Christmas gifts (I got CANDLES?! – I’m not moving…), issues, tech stuff, #9, plans for the weekend, wine, Stella Artois, Robert, MAD magazine, Earth Balance spread, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Future Shop, Best Buy, Langley, Willowbrook Mall, limousines, scarves, SEX AND THE CITY, ELF, Christmas music, gays, names, red / white wine, and text messages. I called Steph in the afternoon to say we weren’t coming since I couldn’t deal with Mom. Later, Mike and I went to get a few things from a nearby Chinese store called Top Ten. He mistook snow peas for snap peas, so I told him about that – he thanked me. When we got back, I called Jon and Harmony to wish them a Merry Christmas; discussed dishes, Friday, Uncle Joe, and other things. Mike and I got home at 10:40, and he went to bed very soon afterwards. NORMAL AND HEALTHY AND DRAMA-FREE!

Jar opener:

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