Need for Xmas sticker VARIETY, joking $4500 charges, proper formatting

By the time I finished prepping all my Christmas cards and envelopes, I discovered that I needed more sticker variety. Guess I’ll have to go to Hallmark Cards or other places to get those at some point! Corey also emailed me to say that his parents had stopped the mail since they went to visit relatives in Texas, so he didn’t get my Christmas card yet. I’ll definitely have to mail out his birthday card tomorrow or as soon as possible!

Corey joked that he was charging me $4500 total for the 300 recipes in that torrent / PDF link, and wondered why I had lost it after I’d spent days fixing it. He does recall correctly, but I think I “lost” those recipes afterwards because he’d only sent them to me in an AIM / MSN conversation. I could be wrong too, though. It isn’t like I’d spend a long time fixing them again before sending it off, since I doubt Michael cares as much as I do about proper formatting!


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