Michael calling for stuff, Romaly coffins, arranging items NOT a question!

I was responsible today, and paid my phone bill. Tonight: too many phone calls! First, Michael called – of course, he got no answer, so he resorted to the usual route to ask whether I was awake. Yes, and I’d just noticed his call on the Caller ID, so I called him back! He was trying to figure out a time to get this Craigslist TV / stand set up, but it seemed that tomorrow before darkness wouldn’t work because of the baby shower. Then he wondered if I would trust him with the key to my place; you’re lucky I got a spare key YEARS ago for Emily Chow! I said I’d call him back in a few minutes… yes, he got treated to MY definition of “a few minutes” while I got a busy signal at my parents’ place! If I didn’t have to go to this baby shower at Holly’s tomorrow, things would be JUST fine! *sigh*

Then I talked mostly about hockey to Chinese Eric for fifteen minutes (he says Sunday at 4:30 is fine since I told him that Mike is very particular about time), then had to use “cut it short” for the FIRST TIME to HIM! After that, I had to talk to my mom to figure out tomorrow’s plans! (1:15 SHOULD be fine, except I have to miss half the hockey game against the Rangers…) Later, I took a shower since I kinda had to. Mike called me back to talk about his own shower, Bacardi, Christmas gifts, clients finally giving him pledges so he can shave on December 1 (THANK GOD), Marek, ice cream, client gifts, Mount Gay Extra Old rum, my freezer, whether I had any glasses for drinking pop, the chocolate pop, and more. If he’s coming over to do all that plus get spare keys, I guess I’d better end this entry now…

Tatiana, Brolx, and Gloriana are dragging along a coffin in Romaly to represent the dead hero Flamster!

“Arranged the bag’s items?” should NOT be a question! (in the Tower of Shanpane or elsewhere…)

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