My 2000s Stereotype / The Funky Leaf Test

You Are a Nerd

You are smart, interesting, and sure of yourself. You don’t mind not fitting in with the crowd.
You work on whatever fascinates you, and you delve deep into subjects. You are often an expert about many things.

Of all the types, your style and hobbies are the most unpredictable. You go with whatever you like.
Some people unfairly stereotype nerds as unfashionable, but it’s not true. Some of the best dressers are fashion nerds!

You Are Methodical

You are detail-oriented and a bit of a perfectionist. You like admiring your handiwork.
People may get annoyed by how slow you are, but you don’t like to rush everything. You enjoy being relaxed.

You are calm and stable. It takes a lot to overwhelm you, and you don’t stay overwhelmed for long.
You are a natural problem solver, and you have a lot of stamina. You like to make steady progress.


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