Chrystal, Mike, White Spot, Carnitas burger, beef dip, babies galore, sulfur, NO BOARD GAMES!

I got an email from Eric saying that we were doing board games on Friday for Fellowship; no thanks! Caught an early bus, so killed time at London Drugs by purchasing some more black cherry Strepsils before reading bits of various books. A while later, someone came up behind me and politely asked if I had the time. I turned around; of course, it was Michael. We talked for a bit about MAD magazine / PC GAMER / PLAYBOY / PENTHOUSE / Chapters being like a library before he wondered if Chrystal was going to be a no-show. I realize he doesn’t like it when people are late, but I’m definitely more casual about that kind of thing if it’s a dinner hangout at a restaurant. Obligingly, I stepped out of the aisle (he’d previously suggested she might be waiting at the front; NEVER!) only to see Chrystal coming my way, who apologized for being late. That was fine! After briefly debating what sort of food we should have (no dim sum / tan tan noodles), we decided on White Spot.

It seemed to go well, anyway. We talked about gravy, the Carnitas pulled pork burger, (buttermilk chicken) salad, green salad with no dressing, my mom thinking we could get married / have kids soon (NO!), Micah / Phil / Grace / baby Karissa / Melia / Angus / new upcoming baby Mackenzie / baby Sebastian / Ayler / Deb’s upcoming baby, Awana (Ada’s still doing that?!), Facebook, my mom matchmaking, “endless” fries, Adult Pirate Pak Day, beef dip, Christmas babies like Chung Yan, Auntie Catherine, Mattias being talkative in Awana now, and my “wedding wear.” Conversed about my good memory for birthdays, Jon’s salad swimming in Coke, Vanessa / Emily / Melia all having birthdays in November, Nathan / Dennis getting engaged, Dianne getting married (she’d heard from Cindy), James / Sanne, Kyo / Shabusen, Memphis Blues, the dining area / gym at Mike’s apartment building, walking to Canadian Tire, local restaurants like Peaceful, cooking, computer help, Nintendo / Yahama / Sega Genesis, and family meals.

Also discussed meeting Mike’s family, Hong Kong / Japan, her uncle being in town from Hong Kong for a Christian conference, passports, Chinese Eric / packages, my mom thinking that the card game SPOONS was SPOONING (we all laughed at her – Harmony included!), and Mike’s seeing how Mom treats him at the next gathering. Then we covered Uncle Peter / Auntie Ying, strokes, watching movies, family time, my reading books, heart attacks, my Grandma stories, my Canucks hat, Chinese “conflict resolution” (NEVER talk about it!), our weekends, my independence, how Mike and I met, Krista / Teunis (dust! TWICE IS TOO MUCH REPETITION!) / the other Vanessa, Fort St. John, Alberta, oil, video game music / classical music, and sulfur testing at Chrystal’s work. Auntie Kathy went inside the restaurant to see where Chrystal was; of course we didn’t keep her waiting! I high-tailed it across the street afterwards; Mike says he didn’t know I could walk so fast! Well, I had to make it to the other side before the traffic light changed! Then he figured that I was going home after that; definitely! He hugged me, and then the 401 came right around the corner. Good thing I got that one, although I saw the 407 as I was going home.


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