Strepsils, Coffeemate, being too short, Mandy, 3-2 win over the Capitals

When Barry picked me up at 11:45 this morning, I wondered why he’d called me on Saturday at 6:20. His phone log said Sunday, but I know what my Caller ID said yesterday when I got home! I bought on-sale toilet paper, on-sale (vegetarian pork and chicken?) noodles, on-sale chocolate almond milk, on-sale almond milk, bananas, nail clippers x2 / black cherry Strepsils for Mike, original Carnation Coffeemate for when Mike comes over (a lady had to help me grab it from the top shelf), and a “brother” birthday card for Jon.

Also got on-sale Sidekicks (Garlic Lemon Butter / Three Cheese), canned mushrooms x3, an on-sale Oasis apple / berry / cereal / yogurt smoothie drink, on-sale tomato cocktails, on-sale Olympic Greek Krema yogurt, and an on-sale UFC pomegranate juice. Paying $63.70 in cash was okay, even with Mike’s stuff costing about $12. Barry says that Pathways does have a thrift store with reasonable prices; maybe I’ll look into that for a winter coat! Replied to Mandy’s emails when I got home, of course. I’m glad she’s happy for me! The Canucks game against the Washington Capitals featured an early penalty shot against Luongo. but they won 3-2! Jon invited me to another Wayside event, this one on Friday. I’ll see what happens, although I have a feeling that busing out won’t be worth it. I don’t mind that Michael saw how I acted when I was drunk, haha.

Kung Tak Lam vegetarian pork noodles!


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