Root beer floats, Halloween party rules, sangria, self-control, 1408, BORDER SECURITY

After we woke up separately around 5 yesterday afternoon, Mike and I discussed weird dreams (his involved Steph / Lisa / Jon / more people), nickels from change, how my Costco bottled water tastes (I don’t know – I haven’t had any yet!), Superstore sales / no tax, his throat (I gave him some black cherry Strepsils for that, and may just get him a box tomorrow along with some nail clippers while I’m at the store anyway), my jokingly not trusting him, my bus pass and his bus tickets, wills / burials / cremation, his uncle calling, scissors, and his almost forgetting his phone and wallet here on the way out. We had root beer floats at his place and watched some news / BORDER SECURITY (YVR and crossing the border with illegal things?) while he bemoaned his cable guide not working or not filling in completely yet. Discussed people smoking on the balcony at 3:30 AM yesterday, the window blinds, commercials, those Blairs chips, onion rot / flies, The Elbow Room, making kids eat bread crusts, his freezer bag, his ripped shirt, cherry Coke, costumes, escalators (falling on the LONG one at Granville would be BAD!), elevators, and STREET FIGHTER / Ash from STREETS OF RAGE / card costume ideas before we sat near each other on the crowded Canada Line at Brighouse Station. Yes, we should have done this back in August to avoid the communications mess! At least I could read for a bit!

Mike remembered what his sister’s apartment building looked like, but not the exact address. At least he had texted her boyfriend about a reminder of the RULES he had for him if I were to be brought around again. (I saw them today in the computer room; involved Gmail chat, hats, and limps) Then Claire wasn’t answering her phone when we attempted to be buzzed in. Let’s just say it was an eventful party: Marlboro cigarettes, e-cigarette devices and temptation / their effects, South African safaris, re-proposals, weed, vulgarity, chips, rape with rusty dildoes, jokes, sangria, yelling, drama, dog death anniversaries, videos, hitting in sensitive areas, emotion, self-control, recovering emotional equilibrium, it being cold outside (only Mike and I apparently noticed), my being different when drunk (but Mike KNOWS about the “more affectionate” part already!), rum and Coke balance, no gin and tonic, flavored Stoli, and Twisted Tea.

There were also vodka shots to toast the party, dedication, teaching, Jill / Doug / Gary / Heather, DRAGON WARRIOR / EARTHBOUND, songs, my dancing around with Steve for fun (treating it as my brother’s wedding banquet), photos, Cruella de Ville / 101 DALMATIANS, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Mary Katherine Gallagher / Molly Shannon, wigs, people wanting “a show” (NO!), looking up “Smartie party” and “Canada’s History” on Urban Dictionary, my Asian red-face gene, and my not being able to operate Mike’s phone properly. At least Mike thought it went okay, and didn’t think I was TOO outrageous. He says he would tell me if I did anything inappropriate, and I believe him. As it was, he had to put his hand over mine in case I did something a third time! I got a surprise hug from the boyfriend, so I went with that since Mike and I were almost out the door anyway. I’d had my fill of people, most definitely! I told him later that he could NOT play with me in public! Later, Mike told me that the boyfriend had respect for my comeback, yet of course couldn’t remember it the next day. Not surprised: a LOT of alcohol flowed freely at that event!

We saw a bunch of cool costumes: zombies with realistic bite marks, an Angry Bird, convicts, a traffic light girl (he later joked that she’d given him her number), and various other things. After taking the last train home at 1:15, Mike attempted to make me believe that we’d have to walk to my place at 1:40 AM since he’d left his keys inside his own apartment, so I told him sternly to quit joking around. Before we went to sleep, we discussed those Howard Stern prank calls, numbness / WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN, his thinking that Steph and Lisa would last, pressure, my giving him some looks of love at times (this is true – he does the same to me), personal things, smiles, proving intangibles, gentleness, and Halloween night proper. It would be more accurate to say that Mike got more sleep than I did since he was recovering from a hangover, but at least he started to feel better in the afternoon. We talked about personal things, my own weird dream (Mom lecturing about potatoes / Vitamin C / chicken at the Skytrain / Canada Line station?), his intense dreams which he couldn’t remember, clothes, his hoping my parents don’t expect certain things, hopes, things not in the cards, personal stuff, and sensitivity / satisfaction. He said that he appreciates my honesty and not faking it; he’s able to tell if women fake things just to get out of stuff, since he isn’t dumb. I wouldn’t want to, not that I know how at this time!

He asked if I wanted pasta or perogies to eat at 4-ish with coffee, so I chose the former with pesto. We discussed my only being able to see out of one eye (“but then why does the other eye move?!”), prematurity / jaundice, salami, profit margins, Tojo’s, expensive upscale restaurants (why pasta with sauce for $25?!), Rooster-Dragon matching in the Chinese zodiac, and John Cusack (young Elvis AND Mike together?!) / Jason Statham (black guy actor friend with a bra?), and his dad. Then he wanted to watch 1408 with me, based on the Stephen King short story… he’d remembered that I didn’t like that kind of movie (or SAW 1-3, etc.) a couple of MONTHS ago, so why now?! I didn’t care if it was rated PG-13, and wasn’t an R-rated movie; if he himself had to watch it in five-minute increments before, this psychological horror film does a number on your imagination! I just hope that this isn’t the start of something BAD which is gradually happening! All I insisted on was that he actually watch it with me, starting from when the main character enters said room for Kafka-esque bizarre happenings. It had nothing to do with being scared already, but he’s familiar and safe for now.

Afterwards, we discussed Jasmine and her Craigslist ads (she always insists on “your” and “you’re” – I also would, but…), Erica, Plenty of Fish, his reading Craigslist ads for laughs, psychos, Jazmin and poly, resetting time, Teunis and his dust / laundry detergent sensitivity (and his “Team 1040 is ANGER!” impatience all the time), Red Bull and vodka, Krista, Ryan, giving things up, New Year’s Eve years ago (2008-09), salt / pepper, Jerry Springer, Shaw TV / Internet / wi-fi, gay porn, Japanese porn parodies, and personal stuff. One relationship at a time is enough for us! We watched more BORDER SECURITY (Iran!), the Simpsons Halloween special (TREEHOUSE OF HORROR), and the news while discussing McDonalds / Tim Horton’s coffee, endearments, “babe / baby / honey / darling,” the Laughing Bean, the toilet paper store which used to be an adult video store, Louis Garden / Mui’s, Neil Young, respect, his not having to prove his love for me (I know through various things), his understanding of my efforts to reciprocate, the bug zapper, the HUGE tin of Carnation Coffeemate, jealousy, cheating, keloid scar fetishes, trimming or cutting hair, attractiveness, customs / border agents and the answers / reaction they expect, my mom being naive, Our Lady Peace and their free concert at Minoru during the Olympics, hair, calling numbers, and white Eric NOT having a sister. (his brother Kieran works for Microsoft, though!)

So no, white Eric and Chinese Eric may not date each other’s sisters since that is IMPOSSIBLE! Mike wondered whether white Eric has ever had a girlfriend; Eric does love to not elaborate on stuff, but I don’t think he’s had one in the 27 years I’ve known him! He eventually figured that he had to take me home at about 10 since he really had to start some work which he didn’t want to do. Hey, I didn’t really mind because I wanted to catch up on SOME things here at home, too! Got home (he walked me to the door and bid me goodnight “my love” style), replied to a bunch of messages, and noticed that Barry had apparently called me yesterday. What the heck?! I’ll figure that out tomorrow…

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