Electronic billing, “FUCK” / cuddling, 3-2 overtime power play WIN

Called Barry to see when an acceptable time for food shopping would be; Monday at noon SHOULD work with the hockey schedule and everything else. Then I told him about Shaw raising their prices; I’m not sure I even remember my account number. Yay for electronic billing? Hahaha. Steph says it’s out of the way to pick us up in the morning, which I understand if it’s highway driving like Dad said it would be. The Canucks-Blues game went into overtime (Eddie Lack), but Ryan Kesler got a very late power play goal for a 3-2 win! 5-1-1 on the road trip!

Mike wanted to know what we were doing tonight and tomorrow; tomorrow is 10:10 AM at the townhouse as per a phone call to Dad, and tonight should be after the game, OF COURSE! I reacted to the tying 2-2 goal by typing “FUCK” in Mike’s message window instead of the Canucks fans message window, and his reaction was “um… can we at least cuddle first?” Yes, yes… whatever. He’s lucky I’m feeling a bit better right now! We also talked about penne, spaghetti, and pasta shapes in general. It doesn’t matter, but he does say Claire’s function starts at around 7:30. Should be okay then, perhaps.

You Are Candy

Anyone who meets you automatically sees how sweet you are. You love to make others smile.
You are fun and energetic without being overwhelming. You have a lightness to you that others appreciate.

You are an optimist. You allow yourself to indulge, and you take delight in new and colorful things.
You have a sense of stability and inner comfort that others lack. You know how to find your happy place.


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