Replacement scissors, echinacea, and garbage bags / Declan’s book on Cheerios

I was responsible and paid my Shaw and hydro bills today before banking. SHAW RAISED THEIR RATES AGAIN! Discovered that I needed replacement scissors since the dining room table ones were getting quite rusty; I also somehow had let my stock of garbage bags get down to only one or two spares. Had to buy those items at London Drugs, OF COURSE! Unfortunately, the boxes of 40 garbage bags were on the top shelf; I wasn’t going to buy the bags of 20, so had to ask for assistance. Bought two of those boxes just in case. I was surprised that the Scotch scissors were only $3.69, so got those along with replacement echinacea.

Got home at 12:40, which was okay since I didn’t actually eat anything before I left. I decided to leave for Deb and Dylan’s at about 6, since the 407 bus route never does me any favors. If I didn’t leave then, I’d be too late if I took the next bus about 40 minutes later. (bemoaned this to Eric later on) Since there was no answer when I tried to be buzzed in, I decided to sit down and wait. Dylan came out a few minutes later; apparently, they’d all been sleeping, so I apologized. (Pastor Dan and Eric came later) We talked about AirCare, getting up at 4-5 AM to be at work by 6 for training, vinegary turkey (Philippines stuff), rice, soup, Declan watching UMIZOOMI on his iPad, books on Cheerios, Chris Lam, Sam, Emily, cancer, carrots, dinner once every other month, Subway cookies, those Blairs habanero chips which I’d brought along, Vicky’s delayed honeymoon, Sharon’s knee problems, Michael, my card for Declan’s upcoming second birthday on November 1, oxygen, backs, babies, Isaiah, and more. At least I have a standing invite from Deb for dinner during these evenings if I need to! Eric drove me home in the white Sunfire, so we talked about fog and video game music from FINAL FANTASY I.

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