Blue screens of death, forgetting containers, morbid candy, Canucks own goals

I got blue-screened shortly after that last post; ugh! The usual suspect said I could take the Broadway 99 B-Line bus on Monday since the #9 bus does stop way before I would need to get off at Sasamat; probably a good idea. At least he also thanked me for the Coffin Crisp, Scaries, ScAero, and Ghostly Kit Kats; I don’t know WHY he thought there was paprika in that bag, but then I didn’t have to worry about anything after the game! Mike asked if I wanted to keep that “HOTTEST FUCKING NUTS” container; hell, yes! It would make a good conversation piece. THEN he tells me that his friend wasted no time in destroying it for recycling; WHAT THE FUCK?! I let him spend some time apologizing fruitlessly / profusely and saying “please don’t hate me” / “I guess now you have a reason to be really mad at me.” Possibly because of the Smirnoff, I seemed more upset than I might normally have been.

Talked to JBook / Joe / Marko / Kimmy / Andrew C. / Caitlin on Mumble about hockey games, Nebraska, Chelsea, Ryan Miller, Henrik Lundqvist / Henrik Zetterberg, their fantasy league draft pool, Detroit, Edmonton, the Islanders, Predators, St. Louis, points, assists, Dustin, benching players, Backstrom, plus-minus, drinking, meth addiction, meth labs, Hartford Whalers retiring, “who the hell is Judy?”, and Daniel Alfredsson. We also discussed being emo / drunk, Marko not being able to hear anyone (again), Toronto, Colorado, Philadelphia, Buffalo, hockey scheduling, Dan Hamhuis and his own goal against the team, and penalty shots. Conversed about Caitlin, Fuat, denying things, Mikki, trades, Michigan, Pennsylvania, overtime, Port Colborne, the 4-1 loss, and CBC going to the Ottawa-San Jose game right away after the awful Canucks game.


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