“White people look older!” MOM! / TABLE phones! / Pig’s head! / Closure

Mom and Dad picked up this morning, and we were on our way. Luckily, they didn’t ask me TOO much about Michael other than whether he was a computer geek (Mom and her laptop…) and his age. I had to laugh about that with people later on. “Oh, his age is good. White people look older and you look younger!” “MOM!” Aiyoh. Then again, Mom is going deaf: “small group” is NOT “Margaret Kwan”! We went to Steph’s first to drop off some stuff; Havarti was excited to see us, even Dad! Mom reminded me about visiting Grandma’s graveside on the first anniversary of her death, followed by a luncheon. She says that the headstone with a portrait should be there by then. Yeah, Big G would have liked that. By the time we got to church at about 11, I figured it wasn’t worth going to service for fifteen minutes. Surprisingly, I saw Joe Yu with his son Noah when I went inside; cool to see him!

For some reason, it took me a while to remember where the upstairs phone was located: ON A TABLE, NOT THE WALL! I did say hi to / talk with Benedict (Martin being soaked yesterday in the torrential rain), Ashley, Jonathan, little Ada, Andrew L., Billy / Helen / Joe / Abby, Auntie Bessy, Auntie Kwai, Arthur and Eric Wong’s mom Tammy, Sam and Emily (fundraiser walks in the rain!), Christon / Jeremy (birthday cards and a Bathroom Reader / projects), Jessie, Auntie Vivian, Auntie Catherine, Auntie Ping, Auntie May, Kevin, baby Sebastian, Sonya (deafness!), Quan, Gino (balut), and others. Told Jon about the big bag of stuff Mom had for him at Steph’s, and gave him the Toronto mail which had arrived for him at the townhouse: “I know… I know.” He was busy talking to Rob Stewart at the time, too. Jeremy says his birthday celebration is at the Alibi Room on Tuesday at 6; I probably can’t make it, but I did wish him well. Jon says that Nathan is in town; interesting, indeed! I missed him the last time he was here, oops. Lincoln and Karen also gave me a birthday card, which is nice!

While I was nervously waiting upstairs (after pacing around) by the phone after I’d already called Michael to see where he was (I was going to wait another five minutes since there was no answer), he came up the stairs. Good thing he made it, for sure! I brought up that whole Walmart thing, and he did apologize; I know he was drowsy, but I wanted closure. He’d apparently slept for a long time after getting back last night from doing stuff… I’d have called him from home this morning, but I kinda had to leave in a hurry. As for that phone call which I’d placed a few minutes prior, he figured that the trains / windy weather were kinda loud. I did understand that! He asked me questions about the service, Cantonese / Mandarin, the chapel vs. the sanctuary, the church kitchen (he was surprised?!), that $10,000 wall, lifestyle acceptance, second cousins, and more… so I answered them to the best of my ability. I said hi to Jordan and Thomas; Michael said he felt as out of place as a Canucks fan would at a Bruins game (an analogy I’d understand!), which I figured would be the case.

As we were waiting around for Mom and Dad (I forgot a formal introduction – whoops?), Michael said that “a lady in a blue coat” had said hi to me as I was rushing past to get some water from the cooler. Said “lady” turned out to be SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD Natalie, whom I’d said hi to already! (so she was just returning my greeting, unbeknownst to him) A couple of minutes later, I laughed about that to her while saying that things would get worse for her YEARS from now. She’s never had “ma’am” directed at her, for instance! He figured she MIGHT be young because of her braces, then related the time he’d met a twelve-year-old who seemed older at a party. NO ALCOHOL FOR HER! At least he was around to remind me about stuff, I guess! Said hi to Uncle Eugene and Uncle Johnny, as well.

We were on our way soon enough; this time, Havarti was still excited to have company! Discussed computer issues, videos, links, Dropbox, MegaUpload, NFL football, crossing the border, snarky wi-fi network names (“go away strata people”), the Regina Depot, Nathan being in town, Tom and Tom getting married on Saturday, Gilbert and baby sizes, the rain, our earliest memories, driving speed, windy weather, Ayler becoming more aware of his own surroundings (he noticed Havarti) and grabbing for things (he clawed Harmony’s mom recently!), Jewish food, food in general, Michael’s family, family nicknames, Eric Ho, Thanksgiving, and more. Had roasted pig head, strawberry pudding, “mooncake” from a Starbucks in China, ice cream, dessert wine, beer, salad, lasagna, Hungarian sausage, and coffee. I think it went all right, or at least as okay as can be expected! Michael says he’s okay with a Thanksgiving meal, as long as he’s given enough notice. We’re figuring it out now, so with his schedule, a delayed meal should be even better! Hahaha!

Jon and Harmony got me an “I LOVE MY MOM” birthday card (why am I not surprised?), Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything (Joshua Foer), and Poo Log Diary (Peter Arkle, Anish Sheth, Josh Richman) – I guess that’s not too bad. Mom got me a jean jacket, various sample-size (eucalyptus / mandarin) body lotions / soaps / shower gels / shampoos / comb / toothbrush (and candies / tea packets) from their trip, BBQ sesame curry nuts, a photo album, a mustard-colored shirt, chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, the first two CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL books, a keychain, a hazelnut bean bar, and more. On the way home, we dropped Mike off near the Canada Line station, then Mom unexpectedly asked where the full milk jug had come from. Er, I bought it from the 7-11 the day before they got back since I thought they’d appreciate it? She then gave me $20 to buy things for myself; knowing me, I’ll need it!

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