Smoke alarm while cooking pork chops! / Feeling better if I went to the States? / 5-0 win!

I had a pork chop with some Cheddar and Broccoli rice for dinner; while I was cooking the pork chop, my smoke alarm went off, so I had to open the window! Oh well. I was going to just let the guys go to Bellingham by themselves to set up Eric’s account, but Mike says he’d feel better if I went, even if he doesn’t want to pressure me into it. I can understand; I myself know that Chinese Eric is a chill guy, but Mike doesn’t or wouldn’t feel totally comfortable. Actually, I think that the LA GLORIA meal MIGHT be the “treat” one which Chinese Eric was talking to me about earlier. Still, I have less desire to interfere with “guy hangout time” (as Eric described it to me) than I did a few years back! However, I *do* remember that time I saved the guys from a certain Sunday Dinner being the normal definition of “sausage fest,” hahaha. Jeremy, Nathan, Eric M., Chinese Eric, Raymond, Johnny, Jon, Tony, and Ray definitely helped me distract myself from that final breakup, as well. (MAGIC BRA!)

The Canucks game turned out to be a good one for the last preseason tilt; it was a 5-0 win against Alain Vigneault and the New York Rangers. COACH SWITCH! I called the lards to inform them about the carpooling plans on Sunday, since I’d convinced Mike to get to the church building at some point to just go with us after service. Hell, I even told him to come earlier than the Chinese service lets out, if only to avoid all that congestion in the foyer. Dad thinks I can just go to the front desk by Uncle Eugene, but it would still be crowded. Then he said that there’d been a power failure when they’d been gone (only for a minute!) which had wiped out all their phone messages. Not like anyone called who was THAT important, except MAYBE that woman who was Mom’s old high school classmate, but she would have left before they got back anyhow. Rationalization at its finest, haha! At least I found my passport in case I *do* decide to go to the States with the guys; I also sent Lincoln an FB message saying that I’d probably be at church on Sunday if he and Karen have a birthday card for me!


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