Bellingham reasons, visual novels, Halloween costumes, forgetting stuff

I called Chinese Eric last night, but we only got to talk briefly since he was eating dinner about an hour earlier than I thought he might! That’s okay, though. He did tell me the real reason for his going to the States with Mike on Saturday; setting up his own US address account to save a bunch of hassle sounds good to me, and I’m sure “guy hangout time” factors in there as well. Those old feelings are coming back, too… yikes! Anyway, it’s been too long since we ourselves hung out, but I get to talk to him on Sunday evening since later unfortunately wasn’t an option! I can usually count on Chinese Eric to tell me some things, hahaha.

Mike picked me up after 9, which was totally expected. We talked about that emotionally intense game he’d been playing, couches, missing things, affection, tiredness, where I was in his past, beginnings, the past, maintaining fingernails / toenails WITHOUT a nail clipper (?!), “aiya,” excuses to meet in person, polygamy, embarrassment, dreams, cars, Vanessa’s bed offer, trucks, brain chemistry, the change of seasons, transitions, personal stuff, SOUTH PARK, visual novels, #9, music, horror movies, Japanese, vulnerability, car doors, BORAT, ALI G, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, sketches, what we (presumably) knew about each other, and various other movies. Also discussed webcomics, PENNY ARCADE, SEXY LOSERS, being nervous at first, senses of humor, Dyke jokes, no promises we can’t keep, FINAL FANTASY II, no spoilers, video game music, dreams coming true, (24-hour) Pho, honest communication, noises, botheration, writing perspective / creative writing, characters, being verbose, memes, Santa hats, touch, patience, magic, burdens, feelings, and transiting to the church via bus / Skytrain. I did tell him to go INSIDE the building, so we’ll see whether his force of habit wins out. If it does, well… we won’t be exiting the building via visible means!

He brought up a veritable plethora of Halloween costume ideas; well, you have fun with that! They involved Celes / Umaro / Cecil / Rosa / Rydia / Edge / SAVED BY THE BELL / other characters from various games / SCOOBY DOO / other things. I’ve never really been a costumes sort of person; I half-blame Kids’ Night and all, but I did go as a pregnant old man once, haha! I woke up earlier than he did, but still rested; since I had video game music in my head, I took the opportunity to gently tap it out on him, haha. This afternoon, he had the nagging feeling that he’d forgotten something; this turned out to be true, so he had to take me home in a rather urgent fashion. He said he was impressed that I’d gotten ready to leave faster than he had; well, when it’s implied that you have to leave “WITH THE QUICKNESS,” then yes. I blame childhood conditioning for THAT one! I figure I’ll have to get new shoes either tomorrow before 3, or maybe Saturday. These shoelaces are useless!


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