Homemade soaps, more hot sauce, New York steak, Freixenet champagne

Watched UNTOLD STORIES OF THE ER and read a bit while waiting for Chinese Eric to get here, which he did at about 6:10. On the way to Boston Pizza, we discussed awkward US address and shipping matters; I don’t know what Michael would think about that, so it’s best Eric ask him directly! When we got there, it turned out that Vanessa / Jen / Julia were already there and had gotten a table in the back. Sweet! Jen passed on a “Happy Birthday” message from Ian, since I had invited him on FB – nice to know that he remembers, and is pretty friendly! I was pretty surprised when Christon showed up; he said that he’d finished his Victoria work project early, which is good! Kevin, Jeremy, Sharon, and white Eric showed up later. After we’d waited a while, Steph and Lisa showed up with Michael in tow. I’d happened to glance behind me, and saw Michael first. Steph said “Look who we met outside!” It turns out that Michael had been waiting outside for fifteen minutes, when I thought he’d probably just come inside the restaurant! Oh well, at least my sister got to bug him about an “upstanding citizen quiz,” hahaha.

The guys were talking about splitting a pizza, but I was set on steak (no matter what Mike or Kevin had to say about it), and Kevin wanted something light like a salad since the Men’s Breakfast today had featured Western food like bacon / sausages / eggs / stuff he wasn’t used to so early in the morning. Eric still had his yellow ticket for some reason, plus a $5 ticket for Pastor Job’s luncheon tomorrow afternoon. We discussed CALL OF DUTY, old 286 / 386 computers, eBay, dumpsters, sports, football, fighting events, BC Lions games, hockey games, my being quiet, what we did today, my RARE steak, NOT ordering Pad Thai from Boston Pizza, food standards, noodle houses, downtown restaurants, bread, tattoos (a real heart!), my journal as a way to express myself through writing, Kari at Steveston, Gastown, Jason, “drunkenness,” photos, and more. After I went to the other table, we discussed the small group email / Captain Morgan’s extremely spiced rum / my good memory (for birthdays) / my parents’ travel to Norway, Budapest, Vienna, and Prague. Michael came over to see what was going on, thinking it might have been rude of me to leave their table. Well, I wanted to talk about things with the others too! Steph said that the lards had TAKEN THE CAR KEYS WITH THEM ON VACATION – what the?! I told her and Lisa that Mom wants me to schedule a family birthday dinner; I’ll give that till at least the 26th, since jet lag and such is no good.

Eventually, I was convinced to open my presents; this was after Sharon, Steph, and Lisa had left. Wayne and Jennifer got me homemade soaps and Freixenet champagne; Sharon got me some seaweed soap and a card; Michael got me a card, spicy nuts, Blairs habanero pepper chips, Melinda’s XXXXtra Reserve hot sauce, and my name written on a grain of rice; Steph and Lisa got me a card; Vanessa got me a card; and everyone chipped in for my dinner of New York steak, a brownie, and iced tea. Talked to Jeremy, Steph, and Lisa about Ayler / his medicine / development… seems to be going pretty well, from what I can tell. Eric M. gave me a ride home (it was more practical than Michael [who’d presumably walked to Boston Pizza] or Eric H. doing the same), and I’d only missed the first twenty minutes of AUSTIN POWERS: THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME. Then it was on to STRANGE SEX: Progressive growth of breast / fat tissue and “the coital curse”! (orgasm-induced headaches?!) Later, there was a guy who has at least 15-18 biological children, and is still a virgin.

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