AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL, Smirnoff Orange Twist vodka, MATILDA, optical art

Watched THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL last night, then had some Smirnoff Orange Twist Vodka combined with Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Toffee Crunch ice cream in a sort of float creation. Got myself too drunk if I was making typos – and not correcting them! – in the hockey group, hahaha. Then I had to go to bed; Josh reminded me indirectly to email Mike that long vacation letter, haha. Since I was awake at 3:30 AM, I ate pasta and watched ELIZABETHTOWN.

This morning, MATILDA was on TV. Found out that Billie can’t make it tonight since she has a lot of homework. DAMMIT! Went back home to check on stuff and have some cheddar cheese instant noodles for lunch; turns out that Michael was thinking the same thing I was in regards to the Blairs Habanero Pepper (OMG! HOT!) chips, hahaha. Got my bus pass application in the mail, which is fine; I won’t be able to do anything about it till the 25th, though!

You Are Cool

You have an enviable detachment from the world. You are happy to be a lone wolf, doing things your own way.
You are independent, but you are in no way a weirdo. You have an inventive streak, and people admire your originality.

You are very opinionated – you know what you like and dislike without being emotional about it.
You are a rebel and a loner, but that doesn’t mean you are always alone. You are a surprisingly good friend, and a loyal one too.

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