Jeremy, synchronicity with white Eric, Chinese Eric, KFC, ROBOT CHICKEN

I called Jeremy to see whether he’d received my email about the birthday dinner at Boston Pizza on Saturday; we talked about Mark and my housesitting for the parents for a bit, to be polite. He said he’d send me an email once he figured out the work scheduling for the day, then realized that it was THIS COMING SATURDAY two days from now, hahaha. Once he did, he figured that it should be fine; sounds good to me! Slightly later as I was watching FUTURAMA, I was going to call white Eric to see whether he was coming. Then I got a Facebook notification that he WAS going to make it – sweet synchronicity!

Called Chinese Eric, who apparently hasn’t checked his email in a while; I can understand that! We talked about spicy things like sausages and Blairs chips, Jeremy, Kevin, public (flash mob) proposals, a date going wrong, Fay liking basketball / Yao Ming / China, Steveston Village, Super Grocer, Canucks training camp / Rangers, some reality TV not our preference (SURVIVOR / JERSEY SHORE / etc.), low-sodium things, memories of KFC (only once in a while!) / McDonalds / Got Pho? / Red Robin’s / Oakridge / Richmond Centre, that weird ROBOT CHICKEN show being up Nathan’s alley (Ciel / London?), mini-golf in Surrey or Langley, and his mom having to make a call. He suggested that he come over a bit earlier on Saturday, and calling him if I hadn’t heard from him at 4-5. I reminded him that I wasn’t at my place, so he has to remember where the townhouse is! Told him that I had his free jersey, but of course hadn’t told Mike what he thought when he saw the last email in that exchange asking whether he should give the jersey to me. I should have made Mike give it to him in person this Saturday, haha. At least Eric will thank him in person, which is what I told Mike he wanted to do! Of course I can usually count on Eric to do things, and that’s good! There will probably be sporting events on the TV at Boston Pizza, so we can concentrate on that! (watching ARCHER / FRANKLIN & BASH / THE LOONEY TUNES SHOW / SCOOBY-DOO)

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