SEINFELD, SAVED BY THE BELL, cheddar waste, nachos, competition

While Michael and I were talking about things through FB messages last night, I finally called Auntie Catherine after a few weeks of inactivity on that front. Mattias is indeed starting kindergarten in September (TIME FLIES!), but she says we can do something with Marcus closer to my birthday. I cut her slack when she thought it was the 22nd, of course. Michael and I discussed a nacho recipe calling for beer (Sam Adams?), Lombardo’s (with notice next time?), his seriously making nachos (I just had some the other week, but okay…), Jarritos, those Lays chips, rubber bands, making things safe, “copacetic,” words (Danielle: “THESE WORDS ARE TOO COMPLICATED FOR HER?!?!”), grocery shopping at Superstore (like I need any more temptation to spend money?!), and jalapeno peppers. I didn’t mind going into the store with him after he picked me up at 10; he found what he was looking for in the renovating store easily, but paid with a $50 bill for a 35-cent transaction. Oh well, at least it wasn’t as bad as I thought when he said he was going to have some fun with the cashier! I didn’t pick anything up before going back to his place since I’m still in “SAVE ALL THE MONEY!” mode, haha. We’ll see how long THAT lasts…

We discussed horror movies (NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET), SEINFELD, GROUNDHOG DAY, endless commercial breaks, the X-FILES, rainy weather in the forecast, olive oil / the Greeks / carrots / toys, game systems like the Atari Jaguar, SAVED BY YOUR BALLS on Newgrounds, GAME PRO / LAME PRO, personal stuff, Greek lemon potatoes as a chip flavor, Pho and pig’s blood plus exotic stuff, wages, “Sarne” and other family nicknames, China, the RCMP, trust, cars / driving / traffic, the past / high school, water, and making nachos. Conversed about cheap tortilla chips, THE 206, his testing the new Lays flavors (he can keep those leftovers and all the Staples rubber bands), brushing teeth, Kleenex (I’ve been meaning to get him some for his room – next week!), makeup, random stuff, my having small fingers (he didn’t notice that before?!), asses, flying planes, and Krista / Teunis / Andrew / fruitless stuff. No, I can’t say I’m overly worried about competition; it’s a great thing to have good friends of the opposite sex, and it’s not like I have room to talk anyway! (see: Chinese Eric – I’ll call him tonight?) He seems to have been honest so far, and I do appreciate that; it’s good to be with him, what can I say? Then again, he says that I seem to trust him; I do, and I hope he trusts me as well to a certain extent anyway!

Also talked about his future plans, weird FUTA dreams, packages, routes, the habanero Tabasco sauce, cheesy corn at the Hog Shack, macaroni and cheese with jalapenos, game systems like the Atari Jaguar, GAME PRO / LAME PRO, the Submission hot sauce being disappointing, the Nissin miso noodles which he’d saved for me, his thinking my birthday is the 7th instead of the 17th since they sound similar (he’ll lose points for that in THE SIMS: DATING) [no wonder he keeps asking what we’re going to do for that day!], mice, and spiders. We covered the SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE book, cherry Coke / Pepsi, jokes, cans vs. “fancy” bags of coffee (I’ll be returning the Mondo Caf√© Roma Blend at some point in the next few days), “Honger” names like CHERRY and RAINBOW and CITRUS, sodium citrate, SAVED BY THE BELL, FAMILY GUY, Chinese Time, morbidity, the US Lays chip flavors (Sriracha / Chicken and Waffle / Cheesy Garlic Bread), MORTAL KOMBAT / George Washington parody videos on Youtube, pickled vs. fresh jalapenos, and melting cheese. He wondered about the “chicken and waffle” debacle of a couple weeks ago, so I told him some more details; Eric and Kevin also certainly wondered if there would be more to the meal, that’s for sure! Soul food can be good, he says, but not with maple syrup; I’ll take his word for it. Michael says he could have 1990s SEINFELD-era hair; possibly! He also thinks he could have his own comedy show; hey, nothing is impossible! Could be a good thing!

When he found that there was a lot of mold on some cheese he’d picked up with an expiry date of October 2013, he wasn’t impressed with the waste of almost the entire block of cheese. I wouldn’t be, either. Good thing he had a new block of sharp / old cheddar from Costco or wherever to grate for nachos! Maybe he will have to look up storing cheese in Ziploc bags in the fridge! I referred to a pen as a “piece of shit” (since it seemingly wouldn’t work), and he thought I was talking about him (jokingly?) – nope, he hasn’t done anything to warrant that yet! I got home at about 3:45 [I knew that we’d be lazy / hang around the place past noon – that’s why I picked yesterday instead of today to spend time together since I have an appointment at 1 tomorrow], and found that Jon had emailed everyone to say that he and Harmony would be at a wedding on the 7th. (also, that Alan Yu will be taking the lards to the airport on Saturday) Guess we’ll have to push the Siblings Meal back, although I did threaten to sit on him in my reply! Harmony also emailed us a bunch of Ayler photos; yay!

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