Steveston Village, Gulf of Georgia Cannery, Pajo’s, Isami Sushi, body wash mega-sale

Soon after the last post, we were off to Steveston Village yesterday while talking about vomiting and Harrison Hot Springs which were healing! Almost immediately, we found a shop which Sandy loved; I saw some Blair’s BEYOND DEATH hot sauce, but $26 was way too pricey for my limited budget! We explored the Gulf of Georgia Cannery, Timothy’s Frozen Yogurt, other assorted shops, the Candy Dish (key lime fudge / candy cigarettes / Thrills gum which tasted like soap / sugar-free stuff), the Britannia Heritage Shipyards (where Steph saw Jemima’s parents!), Pajo’s at Steveston (we had fish and chips / ginger beer), and lots of boat-related things since Mike has a great interest in them. Heck, he even took a photo of a rope-themed crosswalk! Then we went home to rest and watch TV for a bit (that WAS a lot of walking in the heat!), where Havarti was excited to see me. She gave me plenty of licks and dog kisses!

Later, we went to Isami Sushi near Metrotown for dinner. I’d reminded Steph about that “organizational” email, so she answered it while we were there. We had garlic flakes with our Eskimo rolls, plus lots more (spicy) stuff [including mango rolls] and tuna / salmon sashimi! Discussed eating, a family reunion, action-packed itineraries, Victoria / Whistler, taking care, and more. Bused home after having to take a rather short escalator (finished ESCAPE – got VANCOUVER at home as a purse item), and went into Shoppers Drug Mart to see a $5 sale on Irish Spring Body Wash: Original, Moisture Blast, Conditioning Hair and Body. Got three of those for $10, and saved $13.50 on the whole thing! Why not, when they were $7.49 originally and $3 now till the 9th?

When I was settled in at home, Vanessa sent me a message to ask how it was going, and whether I was still seeing Michael. I told her that it was going well, and that I was indeed still seeing him. Told her that it seemed to be pretty good so far, considering I’m still surprised about his apparently caring for me and my needs a fair bit. Actually, he managed to amaze me yesterday; I was telling him about the guys’ trips to Portland, and he said that maybe we could go with them one day. I’m almost sure that was the rum talking, but you never know: I guess he COULD be serious. Thank goodness it was a “maybe,” because I’d hate for him to commit to such a thing. Expensive!

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