Mike, Sandy, the Night Market, calamari, seaweed, and deep-fried ice cream

Steph called me at 6:40 to see whether I wanted to go to the Night Market with her, Lisa, Mike, and Sandy; sure, why not? It’s been a while since I’ve been there (9/5/2010), and it was early enough to not be too dark outside! We all shared calamari, curry fish balls, roti, safe foods for Mike, lychee bubble tea (Sandy got watermelon), liquid nitrogen toffee ice cream, takoyaki, a salt-and-vinegar Rotato, and a fried green onion pancake. I saw a bunch of dogs around which Michael MIGHT like; then again, I think he likes a bunch of dogs which he probably doesn’t. We discussed iPhone covers / cases, bracelets, Langley, Steveston, Yaohan, organization, 10:15 AM flights, frozen eel, Timothy’s, T&T, Engrish on signs for shark’s fin soup, roasted eggplant / wintermelon or “old lady” biscuits / dragon’s beard candy (Big G would have liked that), deep-fried ice cream / milk (couldn’t find that banana cream pie), skewers, corndogs covered in fries (um…), roasted seaweed, first-aid stuff, interesting merchandise, and more. Walking around was fine for me, although it’s a good thing that we left when we did (9 or so) since I wouldn’t have been able to see that step right at the entrance / exit!


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