No Spanish peanuts, bad Toronto Argonaut touchdowns, “habanero” as “cleaners”

Eric called at around 4 to say he’d be running late. As of 6, he still wasn’t here yet. Hmm! He got here at 6:30; we discussed Tim Horton’s, football, the BC Lions, Michael, Fay, driving, opening windows, media blackouts, rookie quarterbacks, Green & Black Organic butterscotch chocolate, Spanish peanuts (not his thing?), chips, Price Smart, pizza, microwaveable meals, chipping in, habanero pepper Tabasco sauce (which I couldn’t find at Price Smart later – turns out it’s a SEATTLE / ONLINE thing!), Mike / Sandy, the bad Toronto touchdowns, and more. I don’t mind just keeping the Spanish peanuts for myself, I guess. Can’t return it since I don’t have the receipt, so I might as well eat it!

We went to Price Smart to get on-sale Wavy Original Lays chips, on-sale Da Han Kou Szechuan noodles, Bi Feng Tang wonton, pink Excel White gum x2, and Samlip vegetable dumplings as a “lazy man’s dinner.” As Eric said, “Let’s boil the water, and dump the suckers in as a light dinner!” Went home and discussed baseball (switching to the Toronto Blue Jays / Oakland Athletics game for something more positive), Alex Rodriguez, cooking, borrowing books, Roberto Luongo and the Sochi Olympic team, dreams, bad moods, Jon / Harmony, Coke / Pepsi conspiracies, Michael’s Shiba Inu dog, and people smoking outside. We also talked about chilling, the guestbook, frying dumplings vs. boiling them, zeal, the reality of BAD FEELINGS, East Coast vs. West Coast game start times, Hong Kong, Jose Bautista, Sidney Crosby / other superstars, his being tired, washing his face, Erica driving and putting him through stress, and more.

Eric said that having him pay for our next hangout meal will be easier than figuring out what he owes me; I concur! Of course he needed lots of bottled water, and he was surprised I didn’t get it at the store; I said that I’d asked Michael to get me some rather recently. Hey, that works! He left at about 9:30 to rest up at home since tomorrow’s another day. Totally cool, even if it was a “short” hangout! Now I get to rest up myself till Sunday… I’ve had to see people from Sunday till today, man.

Bi Feng Tang wonton!

We’re all cool with sunglasses at Karen’s bridal shower! (Back row) Vivian, Jenny, Dawn, Sandra, Deb, Melody, Vania (leaning on couch), (Front row) me, Alana, Karen, Sheena, and Isabel.

Hey, London Drugs! “Habanero” does not mean I want to search for “cleaners”!


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