These computer speakers sound richer?! / Embedding Youtube! / The Elevator Test

I swear, these computer speakers sound better than the old ones which Korey left here; probably a good thing! After half a song on one of my Youtube playlists (and hours of playing DRAGON QUEST V the other day), I swear the bass is better since it resonates more or whatever. Maybe I should turn down the volume, though. Otherwise, my neighbors will hate me. (Michael did mention something about that for his own stuff, so… might be an idea) And hey – embedding Youtube videos now works again! Huzzah! (as Darren would say) 😀

You Are Relaxed

You’re not just patient – you are on ‘island time’ no matter what you happen to be doing.
You refuse to be in a rush for anyone or anything. It’s not worth the stress. You’ll get there when you get there.

Despite your seemingly lackadaisical attitude about rushing, you often get to places early. You leave with enough time.
You take everything that happens in stride. As far as you’re concerned, very little is worth getting worked up about.

If you were a TV channel, you would be Discovery, BBC, or PBS. If you were a cheese, you’d be mozzarella.
If you were a store, you’d be Brooks Brothers or Banana Republic. If you were a wine, you’d be Shiraz.

Blame it on “Chinese Time,” and having chronically-late friends. 😀


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