Legends of Localization, faithfulness, network cables, my help, and sponges

When Michael got back before 11 last night, he looked up some stuff (CASTLEVANIA II “Bloody Tears” NES soundtrack and CASTLEVANIA II “Bloody Tears” FDS soundtrack and CASTLEVANIA II Simon’s Quest Music) on Legends of Localization after figuring stuff out with wires / cables / adapters / computer monitors (health and neck issues) / computer speakers. He said he’d had some coffee with an interesting dinner, so at least that took the edge off his tiredness. Of course, he was still sleepy, hence why we decamped as soon as things seemed fine over here temporarily. I didn’t mind staying out of his way while he took care of some stuff, but then we discussed seatbelts / personal things / satisfaction / glasses / bad jokes / WORLD OF WARCRAFT / faithfulness / honesty / weight / the IMPERIAL DEATH MARCH / STAR WARS / FAMILY GUY / singing songs / THE SIMPSONS / BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD / smell / bad habits. Also conversed about Pride / the Powell St. festival, arrangements, pain vs. pressure (it’s okay), Craigslist, water, trust and surprise, porn, bathing suits, open stuff (not for me), Jason Statham, man-crushes, having time and energy for certain things, endearing terms like “darling, babe, baby” (which were all fine), jackhammers, “piss” being in the Bible (he was surprised that the word was SO OLD!), gentleness, and entertainment for his trip. I did mishear him a couple of times, but things turned out okay.

This morning, Michael made us some chili chicken noodles for a quick breakfast, and got us plenty of water. He kept asking if I wanted some Pepsi, but I was okay until he said he could just split a can. I didn’t mind trying to help him find things (like SPACEBALLS / CHRISTOPHER WALKEN / DVDs / asiago powder / an umbrella) where I could, but I was largely unsuccessful. Still, he thought I was good luck (like Buddha) anyway since he found a bunch of stuff like an umbrella / more cables / Japanese books / pens / pencils. While he was in the computer room, I attempted to make myself useful by doing some of the dishes. Of course, he heard the water and said I didn’t have to; too late! (he did thank me later, to be sure) A couple hours later, we did most of the rest of them together. He could handle the heavy items himself, I said. It was fine by him, I think. I wondered if he’d packed certain important things, and he thanked me for reminding him about that. Hey, I didn’t want him to forget!

We discussed (cherry) Coke and (cherry) Pepsi, Kernels Popcorn, personal things, dirty minds, eating raw Mr. Noodles (I remember that from Grade 8!), storing potatoes / onions, odd stuff, sexy pictures, cameras, messes (I understand!), carrying items out to the car (no problem if they were relatively light), mail, fragile / expensive items, Youtube videos, NES accessories, the Angry Video Game Nerd, DUCK HUNT, MARIO hacks (like the KKK one), and racism. Michael wondered about our family nicknames, so I attempted to explain them. Not sure he understood, but that’s okay! Then we got into Cantonese / Mandarin, Chinese food, ZELDA, different versions of games, strategy guides, the Chinese cultural thing of “Auntie” and “Uncle,” Oakridge, 4Chan / Encyclopedia Dramatica / B / Urban Dictionary, Jewish-Chinese couples, gays, Stateside travel / insurance for road trips / alcoholic beverages, being uncomfortable with certain things, garlic, pressing, sponges, my not being bored, miso noodles, sitting around and waiting (of course my seat was warm!), playing as Darth Vader in SOUL CALIBUR (combos for moves!), and people who are sexually attracted to inanimate objects like a car / the Eiffel Tower / the Berlin Wall.

Later, he and I went to the parking lot to clean up oil stains, but nope – someone else deliberately parked in the wrong spot. PICTURE EVIDENCE, AHOY! That freed up some time for him to go to my place and see about a longer cable, even if he was going to get a phone call anytime. It didn’t really work since the colors on the screen were muted or missing, so he warned me against pulling out the computer tower. (as soon as I was alone, I sent a message to Andrew M. about this before I forgot, just in case) I called Jon as soon as I got home, since babysitting obviously wasn’t happening at 3 PM! This led to a discussion of what language “yaz is lard” was in – um, the NG language! HAHAHAHA! Michael and I also discussed Wild Cherry’s PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC (and the John Walker Lindh terrorist version), Orangina / iced tea, my computer being faster than his laptop, water, affection, missing and loving each other, plastic bags, Ziploc bags, holding wires, balance, my being too serious sometimes, and more. It was a good time, for sure!

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