Canada Day! / Joking about unrequited love / Sharing with Nate!


Jon called to say that he was at a Japanese restaurant with Chinese Eric and Nathan; they were joking around about Nathan having unrequited love (ha ha ha), so I dropped a hint saying that my own romantic life wasn’t quite barren. Yes, I had to share something with Nathan since Chinese Eric already knew about it. I told him that Michael was one of Teunis’ exes’ friends (friend of a friend!), and that I had taken the past few years to learn from that bad relationship with Korey. (I hope I’ve learned…)

Updated him on what I knew of Teunis since he’d asked: Andrew M. IS that mutual friend in THAT situation, haha! Chinese Eric and I are just friends now, which is fine by me – gotta have at least one good male friend in my life! The real reason he called was that Harmony could be concerned about the house being too full tomorrow if I came to babysit Ayler. Hey, I’ll abide by what she says! I also told him that I think Mom was under the impression that he was abandoning his wife and child to go party at the Jazz Festival all day and night yesterday, haha. Yes, I told her that he’d gone home to FEED the baby! I assume Jon may have told Nathan, but that would be fine. Nathan would be interested, for sure! Now I’ve told Michael, too; I’m way too nervous right now to even look at a response…


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