Phish Food, pizza Doritos, Subway, and a 44-32 Lions loss

When Chinese Eric came over to hang out and watch the BC Lions play a football game on TSN, I gave him the limited-edition pizza Doritos from the 7-11, and a Skyflakes cracker with condensed milk from Vanessa. We also tried Phish Food ice cream from the 7-11 (not REAL fish food!), and those Flaming Hot Cheetos with Lime / Tamarind pop from Michael. He suggested getting Subway at the half, which was just fine by me! I showed him the photos which Peter took for Ayler’s first birthday in the park, of course. (and didn’t mind if he looked up stats on the computer!)

Too bad the Lions lost, but they managed to make the score look a bit more respectable than a 44-24 loss. It was actually 44-32. We talked about hockey, Vincent Lecavalier being bought out for tons of money (so it would seem), those Alberta floods, my Detroit fan friends, Mumble chat, his friend’s walkathon, Boston / Chicago, the WARM and BUSY Subway, his being more sensitive to the heat, opening my window, commercials, avocado, football plays (I’m glad he explained stuff!), my SANDWICH FAIL, medicine, white Eric (and how often I saw him), my non-regular church attendance, his mom cutting us short the other night (I’m used to it), Michael, my guestbook, Havarti / Varley, and more. As he said, it was a good hangout! Too bad the game didn’t turn out well. He had to go home and rest before he did some more stuff on the weekend. I can relate to the need for rest, heh.

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