Elemental archetype and birth flower

You Are a Peacemaker

You fall under the earth element. Like earth, you are stable and grounded.
People turn to you when their worlds are spinning. You provide a steady and reasoned perspective.

You center yourself from within. Your tranquility doesn’t rely on your surroundings.
You are a nurturer, and you always take care of yourself first. You are then freed up to take care of others.

You are a people person, and you are driven by a need to belong. You need good people in your life.
You are always able to find your niche in a group. You support others, and every group needs someone like you.

Your Birth Flower is a Forget-Me-Not

Like a forget-me-not, you have an amazing memory. You remember so many little details that others forget.
You tend to romanticize the past. You are prone to nostalgia and thinking about the ‘good old days.’

You believe in love, and you’re very hopeful. You think you’ll get your happy ending, even if you haven’t found the right person.
You don’t know why, but magical things just seem to happen to you. You’ve had great luck and an incredible life.

You don’t regret much in your life. Your past may be rocky, but it’s made you who you are today.
You are thankful for each person who has loved you in your life. You hope they remember you as much as you remember them.

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