Element of surprise! / Youtube, actually going out, JWs, and more

Michael says he tried calling me; well, the bloody phone wouldn’t ring! I apologized anyway. He said he was bringing some computer monitor, and would run in the rain; suit yourself! I made sure to bring the Chili Mix Dan-D-Pak, since I’m sure I’ll forget next week or whenever I see him next! It’s a birthday SURPRISE with a card and miscellaneous stickers, haha. When he did come over at 10:15 last night, I gave him the stuff; he kissed me and said it was sweet, although I really didn’t have to. The element of surprise did work in my favor since his birthday isn’t till early next month.

We discussed prank calls, Aji Taro / all-you-can-eat sushi, making restaurant dishes at home, a show called THE 206, FAMILY GUY, actually going out and doing things (Steveston Canada Day? – apparently, he doesn’t just want to be hanging out at our places, which is good), Virgil’s root beer, what apparently works for us, Vanessa, Krista, Hong Kong-style cafés, Youtube, bad jokes, my red face (blushing – NOT WHISKEY!), glasses, personal stuff, coffee, spicy spaghetti with garlic and chili powder, upstairs neighbors, and the Virgin Mary / religion / Sean’s Jehovah’s Witnesses story. Also talked about sleep / lethargy, opening up, legal aspects of pics, Nintendo / Sega Dreamscape, duties, computer programming, electricity, science / chemistry / physics / biology, the Japanese language / tentacle porn, Cantonese / Mandarin, Protestants vs. Catholics, and more. It was pretty enjoyable, although it was my turn to get a mysterious bruise. (flashbacks!) Next time, I should bring reading material just in case something happens again!

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