Facebook not loading?! / James G. / Halftones / Mathematical operators

Facebook wouldn’t load properly for a few hours last night, which was very annoying! Luckily, it worked at 1 AM when I checked it again. At least I reconnected with Mike B. the usual way (hearts and laughter!), and had a good exchange with Michael. Got up to find that James G. had added me; sweet!

You Are Helpful

You are a caring and considerate person. You are sensitive to other people’s needs, and always help when you can.
You love to open up your home and life to others. You love sharing fun times with friends and family.

The light side of you finds it easy to relate and connect to the world. You can almost always find common ground with someone.
You are easygoing, and have a great sense of humor. You approach every day with enthusiasm and warmth.

The dark side of you sometimes gives too much to others. You find it difficult to say ‘no’ even when you don’t have many resources left.
You can feel drained from the amount of assistance and compassion you’re willing to give, especially if people aren’t giving it in return.

You Are Addition

You are an easygoing, steady type of person. You don’t worry too much about bumps in the road.
Instead, you tend to focus on the big picture. You believe that habits are what determine your life.

You believe that little things matter. It all adds up, and you take every choice seriously.
You are a very patient person. You know that you can’t change your life in a day… change takes time.

You are a skeptic, and you don’t believe in quick fixes. There is no substitute for doing things the right way.
It may take time to get where you want to be, but you’ll enjoy the journey along the way.


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