Incest, polygamy, bad jokes, days of the week, Buzz-Buzz in Dalaam with Poo

Talked to Marko / Caitlin / JBook / Joe W. / Derp / Chelsea / Mike A. / Cody / Jim on Mumble about personal stuff, advice, users, heartbreak, what we did today, ATARI BREAKOUT, chores, housewife-stuff, polygamy, incest, jellyfish, pee, and fetishes. We also discussed TEAM FORTRESS 2, the Marquis de Sade, bad (“dead baby” / Jewish / Polish / black people / light bulb) jokes, cheesecake, steak, sushi, sex, the boring L.A.-San Jose game, tipping, sandwiches, Ohio, singing, and more. Jim P.’s friend Marlene added me to Facebook; okay, then! Troy S. unfriended me, also. Discovered the start of redrum, too. Turns out that I miss Michael – interesting. I did tell him that I had “evidence” that I felt a certain way about him (underwear staining and horniness) while at church and the park the other day, and he said that he feels the same way about me. That’s probably a good thing if things go on the same way as they have been…

You Are Wednesday

You are the type of person who needs to get into a groove to feel comfortable and happy.
That’s why you like Wednesdays – it’s far enough in the week to feel acclimated to work… but not too close to the weekend.

You are a creature of habits and routine. And it bugs you when your routine gets messed up, even if it’s by a fun weekend.
You need long periods of uninterrupted time to do your best work. You like having hours and hours on end to concentrate.

Of all the types, you are the the deepest and most contemplative. You aren’t a big fan of change for its own sake.
You think people should learn to embrace what they have instead of always looking for the next big thing.

Here is Buzz-Buzz in Dalaam with Prince Poo, who is undergoing Mu Training and ignoring the messenger! His trek there is pretty funny!

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