Auntie Paula’s funeral / RED JACKETS / Micah and Isaac welcome / Pho

Of course, I was up at 6 AM today! Ugh. It didn’t help that Mom annoyed me by saying stuff about my red jacket – you’re fucking lucky I remembered a dark cap instead of a yellow / printed one! When I die, people should be able to wear whatever color they want. At church, I just glommed onto Uncle Anthony, Auntie May, and their grandsons Micah and Isaac. Even better that they went up to the crying room! Auntie Brenda thanked me for coming; not surprising that I didn’t see Erin, Derek, or Darren! Upstairs, I talked to the kids about everyone’s ages (Frances is 40, Mel is 39, etc. – I surprised my sister later with the news that Auntie May is only 61 – Micah’s good with numbers!), the book “DOCTOR CRITTER,” skateboards, reading, spelling, breaking windows with heavy hammers (I could see Mel doing that), and more. At least Micah held my hand on the way to the elevator!

Auntie Anna has a cane now since her ligament popped – she could HEAR it?! (I was surprised to hear from my sister that her forwarded emails have lots of swear words in them – HER, of ALL the people?!) Talked to Auntie Eva for a bit; she laughed when I said that I’d heard Mom had called her place looking for me. Auntie Allyn asked whether she sees me every week or not – I’d say NOT! Saw Jon and Steph, and we were apparently having lunch at a nearby Pho restaurant. I’d forgotten about the lards’ anniversary, oops. Discussed hiking, food trucks, Havarti, Sunday (A CHOIR CONCERT?!), and more. Steph dropped Jon off (we talked about “no screens” for Ayler – makes sense for development), then we went to her place so Mom could try on boots. Oh, I had no patience after that! Had to wait through Parker Place and London Drugs; at least I bought a Father’s Day card, Dad’s birthday card, and almond milk x2. Good thing Mom let me keep a toilet paper coupon even though the sale expired yesterday! You’d think she would KNOW they had expiry dates, but nope! So I had to get home and have some orange Bacardi rum!

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