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Fried chicken, wisdom teeth, videos, mousetraps

April 23, 2013

Talked to Jim / Marko / Andrew / Reeha / Caitlin / JBook / Cody on Mumble about fried chicken, height, biking, RPGs, Canadian stereotypes, the Vassilievs, food, wisdom teeth, 4chan, rap, videos, hip-hop, Vancouver, Chicago, the weather, Tammy, Fiann, New Jersey, Munch, dogs, and more. I called Hester and actually got her to give […]

Saving pizza eating for IMPORTANT things! / Trolling evidence / Essential oils

April 23, 2013

Pastor Dan sent us some email about small group, Sharon feeling unwell, and pizza. I want to save my pizza eating (and money) till the weekend IF Chinese Eric comes over, man! On another note, I presented Jim with screencap evidence that Munch was only in our hockey group to troll. Munch then promptly blocked […]

Creative banking, pasta dinners, rice, productiveness, 3-1 WIN

April 22, 2013

Had to unfriend / block Kenneth Calloway because he added me to a Facebook group (Flyers vs. Pens) without my knowledge or consent. Yes, that IS a blockable offense! Michel Hernandez added me to FB – I hope this is a sane person. Called Barry to arrange a shopping time: Thursday at 1:30 sounds good […]

Kenneth, Chinese Eric, dead mice on trap, Jim, and Marko

April 21, 2013

Kenneth Calloway added me to Facebook; hmm, I’d guess this has to do with the hockey group. He posts WAY TOO MUCH STUFF! Chinese Eric called at about 11 this morning, so I called him back about half an hour later. He said that he could hang out at 2, so that was fine. Then […]

Jim, Dustin, Marko, editing, Bob, 2-1 shootout win, needs

April 20, 2013

Talked to Jim, Dustin, and Marko for a bit on Mumble last night before everyone went to bed: cap space, Canucks, hockey, jobs, and other stuff. This afternoon, I had to do a bunch of editing… sigh! In the “Blast From The Past” department, Bob Ramos (imthjckaz; from the SDMB) wanted to add me on […]

Chatrooms, porn, LJ being a pain, suspect caught, soul secrets, spirit animal

April 19, 2013

Found myself in another chatroom today, but this Tiny Chat was much better than Mumble, UNTIL IT GOT TROLLED WITH YOUTUBE VIDEO PORN, so I had to go to another one. COLORED TEXT RULES! Eric called me at 12:30, so I called him back half an hour later: between the news and the weekly tradition […]

AWESOME Chinese Eric is way better than neediness!

April 19, 2013

White Eric tried calling me for some reason, but I was too engrossed in things! I decided to try calling Chinese Eric after the hockey game to inject some AWESOME into my night. He answered the phone, which was pretty good. We talked about Alain Vigneault maybe getting fired, the playoffs race / scoreboard watching, […]

Marko, Caitlin, Lindsay, Mumble, banking website issues, SOUL SHRINE

April 18, 2013

Some people like Marko / Dustin / Caitlin / Jim / Chelsea / Lindsay / Reeha tried getting me to join a hockey group chat on Mumble. After trying to figure that shit out, I decided it wasn’t for me. Skype seems easier! A pre-afternoon game shower and laundry WAS, however! So… I tried to […]


April 18, 2013

No, you do not get to tell me that you thought we were still “together” last year. Not a couple of months after you “broke things off:” because you said you didn’t believe in true love anymore. Nope. Not happening. You are indeed an ass of the highest order. Sure, I want you to be […]

ANOTHER church meeting?! / Texas / Glitzy halls, Chung Ming, music (dream)

April 17, 2013

Dad emailed me to say that the church was having a membership meeting this Sunday. Bullshit, as the next one should be in October-ish! I know they had one in late February, and here we are two months later. Maybe it’s one of those “special” ones, but I doubt it. Then Mom called later to […]